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Our team of early education experts are dedicated to providing TLE® parents with resources that enhance their child’s early education experience.

Check out our latest blog posts for the latest parenting tips and recommendations to support your child’s learning experiences and developmental milestones at home.


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    • Tle Bubblesblog Readoutloud 616x410

      Making the Most Out of a Read-Aloud

      During a read-aloud, children learn to extend their attention spans and increase their comprehension and vocabulary. As they listen, they acquire strong language skills, picking up correct word pronunciation, word usage, and proper grammar

      March 2, 2018
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      Preparing Your Child for Back to School Season

      Although the first day of school can be thrilling and fun, it can be a little scary for your child too. Whether your child is eager or reluctant to go to school, we make sure that our teachers are ready with a smile to help with the transfer from your care to our classroom when arriving. Children need time to adjust to a new room, new teacher, and new routines.

      August 14, 2018
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      Make Your Child’s Learning Experience the Best It Can Be

      As a parent, you have done your research and homework. You have chosen the best childcare to lay the groundwork for your child. All you want is the finest care and quality education. Your role as a parent in your child’s academics is an essential part of the learning process, because you are supporting the learning that happens in school at home. Family and parental involvement help extend teaching beyond the classroom; it fosters a positive experience for children and helps children perform better when they are in school.

      September 6, 2018
    • Building Mathematics Skills in Young Children

      From infancy, children begin to construct ideas about math through their daily routines and experiences, as well as interactions with trusted adults. Helping them see how math plays a role in their everyday lives allows children to begin to develop important math skills at a very young age.

      April 5, 2017

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