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Why characters are an integral part of learning at The Learning Experience®

Studies indicate that children love to learn from characters. That’s why we’ve developed a wide, joyous group of them, each representing a specific curriculum purpose that provides a value or activity in Phonics, Sign Language, Foreign Languages, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Physical Fitness, Manners, and Philanthropy, making learning relatable and meaningful for our little learners, and creating a happy and engaging environment. They make the education at The Learning Experience® as highly effective as it is exceptionally fun.

children develop intellectually, socially and cognitively

How the cast began and grew

The Learning Experience® co-founder Linda Weissman has always loved elephants because they are family-oriented animals. That inspired her to create Bubbles the Elephant, our iconic blue elephant mascot. New characters were created along the way.

Today there are over 90 TLE® characters, to teach our children different lessons and inspire them in unexpected ways.

Bubbles the Elephant®, our cherished mascot, takes our little learners on a daily adventure in their classroom and makes them happy to learn, play, and grow.

Our dynamic doggy duo, Grace The Greyhound® and Charity Chihuahua®, introduce the importance of generosity and giving through the teaching of philanthropy. Our philanthropy curriculum teaches our little learners that,"It doesn’t matter how big or small you are; it’s the size of your heart that matters.®"

Flexi Flamingo® is our passionate fitness guru who helps little learners discover the benefits of an active lifestyle by sharing the joys of fitness and making healthy choices.

Lionstein®, our wise and creative scientist, makes science captivating and engaging for even our youngest of learners. Lionstein® helps children learn through self-discovery and problem-solving as they build, experiment, test, create, research, and explore the world around them.

Our literature-loving llama, Phoebe Phonics®, instills a passion for reading in our little learners through our early literacy program, Phonics with Phoebe.

Two Plus Toucan® is our creative mathematician who helps children explore the wonders of math. Math is a fundamental component of our robust STEM curriculum, as it lays the foundation for future academic success.

Penny Polite® is our well-mannered etiquette coach who helps little learners understand the importance of having manners. Penny helps to reinforce basic concepts such as saying “please” and “thank you.”

Our musically talented bear shares his knowledge and passion for music, helping children recognize instruments and their sounds, explore rhythms and discover that music is all around them. Bongo Bear is the face of Little Musicians enrichment program.

Get your passports ready! Our tiny travelers, Tito Toro® and Ping Panda®, enjoy visiting countries around the world as they explore different cultures and teach foreign language to our curious learners.

Pablo Pigcasso, our creative and artsy pig, helps children discover the beauty of self-expression through the power of art.

Our computer savvy giraffe, Techni Cal®, loves sharing his passion for technology and innovation with our little learners. He leads our Little Engineers enrichment program and STEM efforts in the classroom.

Our kind-hearted friend, Gibby Gibbon®, was born deaf. However, this doesn’t stop him from teaching our little learners how to communicate with sign language. Gibby wears a cochlear implant to help him hear and communicate with his friends. He teaches the children that everyone is unique in their own way and helps them embrace the abilities of others.

Sonar the Submarine explores the magic of our underwater worlds. He shares all that there is to see under the sea and will show the importance of keeping our waters clean and safe.

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