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Our approach to Kindergarten education (5 years old)

Entering Kindergarten is one of the biggest steps your child will take and selecting the appropriate Kindergarten environment is important. Our Kindergarten classes combine our L.E.A.P early education curriculum with an environment of fun, open-ended exploration, investigation, discovery, and building self-confidence and self-esteem.

It’s the perfect opportunity for optimum growth in academics, socialization, physical fitness, and emotional well-being.

Bubbles and Friends Theme

What our Kindergarten curriculum includes

    Our advanced Kindergarten curriculum meets or exceeds national and state requirements for every state in which we operate, where Kindergarteners at The Learning Experience® learn and master skills and concepts necessary to enter first grade.


  • Advanced math, social studies, and science lessons
  • Advanced phonics and early literacy lessons
  • A plethora of workbook and journal writing activities
  • Cross-curricular learning projects and explorations
  • Hands-on STEM activities and L.E.A.P. Interactive® lessons
  • L.E.A.P. into Foreign Language
  • Philanthropy
  • Manners and etiquette
  • Physical fitness and nutrition

Our curriculum components

We offer Kindergarten in select centers as part of our ongoing effort to push for excellence in early childhood education. Our Kindergarten students are learning from state-certified teachers and are being prepared for the big jump to first grade. Having graduated as The Learning Experience® preschoolers, our Kindergarten students are even more prepared than your average student and are ready to tackle this new phase of learning.

Our Kindergarten curriculum meets or exceeds all standards in all the states in which we operate. This sets your child up for success as they engage in more opportunities for cooperative learning and group work in The Learning Experience's proprietary Kindergarten Experience® programs in Kindergarten Math, Science and Social Studies.

Each of these Kindergarten programs also include a technology component, as their books contain activities linked to the L.E.A.P. Interactive board and challenges them with new activities to reinforce their learning.

Our programs for Kindergartners


The magic of math comes alive for our Kindergarteners through understanding ordinals and counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s; sorting and classifying objects using a variety of attributes such as size, color and number of corners; recognizing and drawing different shapes; measurement and comparison; time and money; and addition and subtraction.


Our Science curriculum encompasses learning in the areas of physical science, earth sciences, life sciences and the basics of scientific investigation and experimentation. Children will learn to identify and describe the physical properties of objects, observe and describe weather, and explain the characteristics and behaviors of both living and non-living things.

Social Studies

Starting from an understanding of their roles within their families and neighborhoods, our Social Studies curriculum grows with children to introduce larger social relationships and civic responsibilities. A foundation is also built to prepare children for later studies in history and geography.

Fun With Phonics®

The skills children have already built in our Fun With Phonics program continue to grow in our Kindergarten program. Children’s basic understanding of letters and sounds advances to more complex words and sentences. Correct spelling and grammar are also introduced and reinforced.

Journal Writing

In addition to reading, Kindergarteners’ interest in and love of writing is also reinforced. A variety of journaling and self-expression exercises reward children’s appreciation of the language arts and storytelling.

Bubbles and Friends Theme

Our programs for Kindergarteners

6:30–8:00 Early Arrival Program/Greeting the Children/
Parent Communication

Free-Choice Centers

8:00–8:30 Circle Time

Attendance, Weather, Calendar, Daily Preview of Activities

8:30–8:45 Snack Time

Nutritious snack will be served

8:45–10:15 Language and Literacy

Reading Instruction, Phonics and Literacy Centers

10:15–11:00 Writing

Whole Group Instruction, Guided/Shared Writing, Independent Writing and Small Group/1 on 1)

11:00–12:00 Math

Whole Group Instruction, Small Group/1 on 1 and Cross-Curricular Math Centers

12:00–12:30 Lunch/Quiet Time

12:30–1:30 Science or Social Studies

1:30–2:00 Outdoor/Indoor Play

(Weather Determined)

2:00–3:00 Learning Centers

Science/Discovery, Art/Music, Sensory, Reading/Library, Math Manipulatives, Blocks, Family Living/Dramatic Play

3:00–4:00 School-Age Arrival


4:00–4:30 Outdoor/Indoor Play

(Weather Determined)

4:30–4:15 Whole Group PBL

Discuss Driving Question, Update KWL Chart

4:15–5:30 PBL Activities

Work Toward Final Product

5:30–5:45 Whole Group PBL Wrap-up

5:45–6:00 Snack/Prepare for Dismissal/Free Choice Centers

Art, Sensory, Language, Math, Fine Motor, Technology, Science, Child-Initiated Activities

Bubbles and Friends Theme

Our year-end Kindergarten milestones

Every day will be a fun new adventure at The Learning Experience® for your little one, and while our lessons and curriculum prepare them to meet important goals, we want to ensure they are developing at the right pace.

A snapshot of several of the many milestones your Kindergartner should reach this year:

  • Build on challenging academic concepts introduced in our preschool curriculum
  • Learn advanced concepts in math, science, social studies, and language and literacy
  • Learn through activities that cater to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles
  • Demonstrate mastery of concepts through paper and pencil assessment, hands-on projects, learning labs, performances, and more

Enrichment Programs for Kindergarten

Our enrichment programs are an extension of the curriculum, providing in-depth, hands-on learning experiences to our little learners enabling them to develop mastery in a fun and engaging manner. At no additional cost, our enrichment curriculum provides a home-to-school connection for all children with specifically chosen kits to take home following each session, allowing the continuation of the child’s passion outside of the classroom.

Little Musicians

Our Little Musicians Enrichment Program provides age-appropriate kits for our little learners to use to explore instruments, beats, and songs. They will use their creative expression, interact with their peers, and ultimately build confidence as they learn emotional regulation and strengthen their cognitive language abilities. Parents will have the opportunity to join in a family showcase at the end of the program to support home learning.

Little Engineers

Our Little Engineers enrichment program provides age-appropriate kits for our little learners to use to participate in problem-solving activities that encourage creativity, perseverance, and real-life application skills. Children will work through challenges and tasks individually, in pairs, or as a team, leading to the strengthening of relationships and social-emotional regulation. Parents will have the opportunity to join in a family showcase at the end of the program to support home learning.

Little Athletes

Our Little Athletes Enrichment Program provides age-appropriate kits for our little learners to use to engage in the foundational concepts of sports. Children will increase their gross and fine motor skills by learning to throw, catch, kick, balance, and much more. Our Little Athletes Enrichment Program for kindergarteners includes learning the fundamentals of basketball and soccer.

Little Athletes
Kindergarten kit:

The Kindergarten enrichment kit is specifically designed to meet age-appropriate developmental milestones, supporting the development of their gross and fine motor skills of each child. This enables children to engage in learning to throw, catch, kick, balance, and much more. All these items go home at the end of the 12-week program continuing their learning!

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