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Our little learners will participate in curriculum components

Toddlers will participate in a new themed early childhood education program each month that incorporates a wide variety of activities for toddlers involving problems in logic, math, reading, phonics and writing skills. Our monthly themes take children on new and exciting learning adventures through fun hands-on activities that are led by some of our favorite TLE® characters.

Our curriculum focuses on the six ages and stages of early childhood development

It engages children in hands-on learning activities that encourage them to explore and solve problems at their own rate of development.

This forms a foundation for kids to Learn, Play and Grow under the care of our nurturing teachers and staff.

Tuition and Openings

6 weeks to 1 year old


1 to 2 years old


2 to 2 1/2 years old


2 1/2 to 3 years old


3 to 5 years old


5 years old

A unique cast that makes education so fun

Studies have shown that children simply love to learn from characters, and that it’s highly effective. At TLE, we’ve created a full cast of characters that become your child’s educators, partners and friends through the preschool education journey. Each character has a unique personality and area of interest.

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