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Our approach to education
for Preppers
(2 1/2 to 3 years old)

The Prepper program was designed to meet the special needs of maturing children to prepare them for the transition into the preschool classroom.

My Little L.E.A.P.® Books

As children reach this stage, they experience rapid increases in physical, cognitive, developmental and social skills. We introduce them to My Little L.E.A.P.® Books, designed to challenge those skills and to teach children about language, letter recognition, shapes, colors, numbers, math, and art.

Reinforced Potty Training

The children are mature enough to handle “potty time” by themselves in our Prepper classrooms, where continued potty training is reinforced and teachers are prepared for “potty accidents.” Their journey will be tracked using their own personal chart that is brought home for you to celebrate.

Computers and Technology

As society becomes increasingly more driven by technology, it’s more important that children are introduced to technology at an early age. At The Learning Experience®, our Preppers begin this early education process with a very basic introduction to technology.

children develop intellectually, socially and cognitively

What our curriculum for Preppers includes

    Our Prepper curriculum is tiered to meet the children at this transitionary period and lays the groundwork for skills that will be needed for success in preschool.


  • Continuation of sign language with Gibby Gibbon® to further develop language skills
  • Continued exploration of manners and etiquette with Penny Polite®
  • Introduction to early literacy skills through our Phonics with Phoebe® Early Connections Kit
  • Introduction to L.E.A.P.® workbooks and exposure to technology such as L.E.A.P. Interactive® boards and classroom devices* to hone 21st century skills
  • Physical fitness and gross motor activities with Flexi Flamingo® including outdoor time to encourage movement and play
  • Potty Training with Flexi Flamingo®
  • Circle time to foster communication skills and social-emotional development
  • *iPads are available in our Preppers and up classrooms as appropriate for milestone development. Children will interact with the iPads on a limited basis with adult monitoring to explore digital concepts.

Our programs for Preppers

L.E.A.P.® Interactive

L.E.A.P. Interactive® early childhood education programs introduce our children to our proprietary L.E.A.P. Interactive board, as well as L.E.A.P. Interactive workbooks, giving them hands-on learning through cutting edge technology. Using digital tools, they apply learned concepts such as tracing, tapping and dragging, or circling to focus attention on lessons.

L.E.A.P. Interactive® offers a variety of additional applications to engage the children. They include a variety of STEM options featuring a clock for telling time, number games that can be used to practice counting, number recognition, math problems and more, there is even a habitat app that allows children to explore where different animals live. Other apps offer the opportunity to get musically creative while making music with either a piano or virtual drums.

Manners and Etiquette

We make manners for Preppers the foundation of kindness and good behavior. The children are saying “please” and “thank you,” but also going above and beyond to act out kindness with their peers, by learning to say nice and encouraging things.

Our proprietary character puppets are a great tool for the children, which includes our Manners coach, Penny Polite®, who helps re-enact good manner scenarios. Our Manners Readers explore a variety of etiquette situations, including talking on the telephone, behaving well in a restaurant and in public, refraining from name calling and treating their peers with respect. This is a wonderful way to prepare them for the real world and build a foundation for good citizenship as they start to learn about the meaning of philanthropy.

Sign Language

As our little learners build on their skills in Sign Language, they’re learning to sign and communicate their needs and daily interactions.

At the beginning of every month, the monthly sign is printed on the calendar and sent home with families to extend the lesson and to continue practicing at home. Parents are also kept abreast of the monthly sign with a QR code taking them directly to a live action video of Gibby Gibbon modeling the monthly sign.

Physical Fitness Programs

The Learning Experience® makes physical fitness an important part of early childhood education, with the help of our friend, Flexi Flamingo, who teaches our children healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Starting at the Toddler age, children are learning to move their bodies, as well as to keep their bodies and minds healthy by starting to identify healthy choices.

At The Learning Experience®, they’ll learn about going to the doctor and about tools medical professionals use to help them stay healthy. They’ll learn, too, about health and hygiene, expressing their emotions and calming their anxieties with calming yoga for children, and are even offered ways to develop their gross motor skills with balancing, walking, hopping on one foot or two feet, and more.

Bubbles and Friends Theme

Our programs for Preppers

6:30–8:30 Early Arrival Program

8:00–8:30 Greeting the Preppers/Parent Communication Free Play

Art, Sensory, Language, Math, Fine Motor; Child-Initiated Activities

8:30–8:50 Circle Time

Finger Plays, Songs, Welcoming Activities

8:50–9:15 Snack Time

Nutritious snack will be served, Manners Matter, Potty Time, Etc.

9:15–10:00 Centers/My Little L.E.A.P.® Books

10:00–10:15 Physical Fitness with Flexi Flamingo®

Children will engage in physical exercise and routines, and discuss healthy bodies and nutrition.

10:15–10:30 Language Skills/Library/Storytelling

Emphasis on Language Development: Puppets, Games, Age-Appropriate Books, Rhymes, Etc.

10:30–11:00 Playground Time

Gross Motor Skills, Coordination, Balance, Tossing Balls, Etc.

11:00–11:30 Art & Sensory

Creative activities enhance emotional development: Finger Painting, Pasting, Sand & Water Table, Clay, Crayons, Water Colors, Etc.

11:30–2:30 Lunch/Rest Time/Quiet Activities/Self Help Skills

2:30–3:00 Snack Time

Nutritious snack will be served, Manners Matter, Potty Time, Etc.

3:00–3:20 L.E.A.P. Interactive®

Hands-On Technology with Interactive Board, Interactive-Theme Based Lessons, Real-Time Videos, Workbook Connections

3:20–3:40 Circle Time

Finger Plays, Songs, Goodbye Songs

3:40–4:00 Fine Motor and Math Skills

Matching, Classifying, Numbers

4:00–4:30 Playground Time

Gross Motor Skills: Coordination, Balance Tossing Balls, Etc.

4:30–5:30 Centers/Free Play

Art, Sensory, Math, Language, Computer, Dramatic Play, and Child-Initiated Activities

5:30–5:45 Music and Movement

Rhythmic Movement, Singing, Listening, Dancing, Social Interaction

5:45–6:30 Table Toys/Pick-Up

(Diapering is provided and supervised on an as needed basis; potty training encouraged.)

children develop intellectually, socially and cognitively

Our year-end milestones

Every day will be a fun new adventure at The Learning Experience® for your little one, and while our lessons and curriculum prepare them to meet important goals, we want to ensure they are developing at the right pace.

A snapshot of several of the many milestones your Prepper should reach this year:

  • Consistently follow simple, two-step directions
  • Become familiar with routines and understand the flow of the day
  • Demonstrate large muscle movements such as balancing, catching balls, and standing on one foot
  • Initiate pretend play scenarios with teachers and peers
  • Respond to questions asked by teachers and other trusted adults using three- to five-word phrases consistently
  • Use increased vocabulary and ask questions such as, “Why?” and “What’s that?”
  • Demonstrate independent self-help skills such as washing hands, toileting, and feeding
  • Intentionally select toys and materials for play and exploration
  • Intentionally select peers to play with

Enrichment Programs for Preppers

Our enrichment programs are an extension of the curriculum, providing in-depth, hands-on learning experiences to our little learners enabling them to develop mastery in a fun and engaging manner. At no additional cost, our enrichment curriculum provides a home-to-school connection for all children with specifically chosen kits to take home following each session, allowing the continuation of the child’s passion outside of the classroom.

Little Musicians

Our Little Musicians Enrichment Program provides age-appropriate kits for our little learners to use to explore instruments, beats, and songs. They will use their creative expression, interact with their peers, and ultimately build confidence as they learn emotional regulation and strengthen their cognitive language abilities. Parents will have the opportunity to join in a family showcase at the end of the program to support home learning.

Little Engineers

Our Little Engineers enrichment program provides age-appropriate kits for our little learners to use to participate in problem-solving activities that encourage creativity, perseverance, and real-life application skills. Children will work through challenges and tasks individually, in pairs, or as a team, leading to the strengthening of relationships and social-emotional regulation. Parents will have the opportunity to join in a family showcase at the end of the program to support home learning.

Little Athletes

Our Little Athletes Enrichment Program provides age-appropriate kits for our little learners to use to engage in the foundational concepts of sports. Children will increase their gross and fine motor skills by learning to throw, catch, kick, balance, and much more. Our Little Athletes Enrichment Program for kindergarteners includes learning the fundamentals of basketball and soccer.

Little Athletes
Preppers kit:

The Prepper enrichment kit is specifically designed to meet age-appropriate developmental milestones, supporting the development of their gross and fine motor skills of each child. This enables children to engage in learning to throw, catch, kick, balance, and much more. All these items go home at the end of the 12-week program continuing their learning! 

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