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Our approach to early education for Toddlers
(1 to 2 years old)

By this stage, a child’s leg muscles are ready—once they stand up and take those first steps, they’re off and running, eager to explore. Our Toddler education program offers them the opportunity to do so in safety (with our caregivers alert and ready to walk around the room with the children) and also allows them to develop cognitive skills as they build language, graduate to one to two-word sentences, learn to hold a crayon and eat finger foods.

This is also when our Toddlers acquire self-helping skills, such as communicating their needs or picking up after themselves.

children develop intellectually, socially and cognitively

What our curriculum for Toddlers includes

A typical day for TLE® Toddlers is filled with, stimulating, age-appropriate activities and materials. Our early childhood development Toddler curriculum focuses on eye-hand coordination, motor development and problem solving.

Toddlers will experience:

  • Interactive play, music, and dance.
  • Outdoor time encourages social engagement in plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
  • Age-appropriate fitness toys and Toddler exercises to keep Toddlers on the move.
  • Self-help skills such as washing hands, picking up after themselves and sharing are taught to Toddlers in order to foster sociality assimilation.

Our curriculum program for Toddlers

American Sign Language

Our American Sign Language program teachers Toddlers to sign and communicate in connection with their daily lessons. When learning about travel, for example, parents are always amazed at how their children can sign words like “passport” or “suitcase.”

At the beginning of every month, those signs are printed and sent home with families to extend the lesson in American Sign Language. The parents are also kept abreast of the Sign Language Alphabet as a resource, and can connect pictures to descriptions of the sign language in order to practice communicating with the children.

Manners and Etiquette

From a very early age, Toddlers are learning manners from our Manners & Etiquette coach, Penny Polite. These lessons reinforce the concept of good behavior — including basics like sitting tummy to the table, using napkins to wipe their mouths and using their communication skills in American Sign Language for children or using their words to say “thank you” and “please.” They’re also learning the concept of sharing, taking turns and being kind to their peers, be it in the classroom or on the playground.

Physical Fitness Programs

Starting at the Toddler age, children are learning to move their bodies, as well as keep their bodies and minds healthy by starting to identify healthy choices. TLE® makes physical fitness an important part of early childhood education, and our physical fitness coach, Flexi Flamingo, helps teach our little learners healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Bubbles and Friends Theme

Our programs for Toddlers

6:30-800 Early Arrival Program

8:00-8:30 Greeting the Children/Parent Communication

Free Choice Centers–Art, Sensory, Language, Math, Fine Motor, Computers, Science, Child-Initiated Activities

8:30-8:45 Circle Time

Welcoming Activities, Finger Plays, Songs

8:45-9:00 Snack Time

Nutritious snacks will be served, Manners Matter, Potty Time, Etc.

9:00-9:30 Art and Sensory

Creative activities enhance emotional development; Finger Painting, Pasting, Sand and Water Table, Etc.

9:30-9:45 Physical Fitness with Flexi Flamingo®

Children will engage in physical exercise and routine, and discuss healthy bodies and nutrition

9:45-10:00 Fine Motor Skills

Matching, Classifying, Exposure to Numbers

10:00-10:30 Free Choice Centers

Art, Sensory, Language, Math, Fine Motor, Computers, Science; Child-Initiated Activities

10:30-11:00 Playground Time

Gross Motor Skills, Coordination, Balance, Tossing Balls, Etc.

11:00–11:15 Diapering/Hand Washing

11:15–11:30 Language Skills/Library Storytelling:

Emphasis on Language Development, Puppets, Games, Rhymes, Etc.

11:30–2:30 Lunch/Rest Time/Quiet Activities

2:30–3:00 Waking Up/Diapering

3:00–3:30 Snack Time

Nutritious snack will be served, Manners Matter, Potty Time, Etc.

3:30–4:00 Playground Time

Gross Motor Skills, Coordination, Balance, Tossing Balls, Etc

4:00-4:15 Diapering/Hand Washing

4:15–4:45 Songs Music and Movement

Singing, Dancing

4:45–5:05 Circle Time

Finger Plays, Songs, Goodbye Songs

5:05–5:30 Free Choice Centers/Diaper Changes

Art, Sensory, Math; Child-Initiated Activities


Table Toys/Quiet Activities/Greeting Parents

(Diapering is provided and supervised on an as needed basis.)

children develop intellectually, socially and cognitively

Our year-end milestones

Every day will be a fun new adventure at TLE® for your little one, and while our lessons and curriculum prepare them to meet important goals, we want to ensure they are developing at the right pace.

A snapshot of several of the many milestones your Toddler should reach this year:

  • Follow simple, one-step directions
  • Walk independently
  • Increase independence with feeding
  • Respond to questions asked by teachers and other trusted adults
  • Make choices regarding toys and playing with them in a simple way

Enrichment Programs for Toddlers

Our enrichment programs are an extension of the curriculum, providing in-depth, hands-on learning experiences to our little learners enabling them to develop mastery in a fun and engaging manner. At no additional cost, our enrichment curriculum provides a home-to-school connection for all children with specifically chosen kits to take home following each session, allowing the continuation of the child’s passion outside of the classroom.

Little Musicians

Our Little Musicians Enrichment Program provides age-appropriate kits for our little learners to use to explore instruments, beats, and songs. They will use their creative expression, interact with their peers, and ultimately build confidence as they learn emotional regulation and strengthen their cognitive language abilities. Parents will have the opportunity to join in a family showcase at the end of the program to support home learning.

Little Engineers

Our Little Engineers enrichment program provides age-appropriate kits for our little learners to use to participate in problem-solving activities that encourage creativity, perseverance, and real-life application skills. Children will work through challenges and tasks individually, in pairs, or as a team, leading to the strengthening of relationships and social-emotional regulation. Parents will have the opportunity to join in a family showcase at the end of the program to support home learning.

Summer Program

Our Summer Program provides age-appropriate activities to help our little learners discover the benefits of an active lifestyle by sharing the joys of fitness and making healthy choices. Speak to a TLE® center near you for more information.

Little Engineers
Toddlers kit:

The Toddler enrichment kit is specifically designed to meet age-appropriate developmental milestones, encouraging creativity, perseverance, and real-life application. This enables children, through trial and error, to engage in different learning experiences such as sorting shapes using an activity cube. All these items go home at the end of the 17-week program to continue their learning!

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