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Monthly themes

At TLE®, each month offers new and exciting adventures that foster creative thinking, cognitive growth, self-confidence, and so much more.

Exploring Space with Lionstein

Get ready to explore the wonders of space with our friend Lionstein! The theme of this month encourages children to use their scientific inquiry skills to investigate planets, stars, and the infinite sky around them.

Sonar's Sea Adventure

Dive into an amazing underwater adventure with Sonar the Submarine! Children will learn all about the ocean, coral reefs, and aquatic life this month through exciting indoor and outdoor activities.

Miss Chievous Goes Outside

Put on your shoes and get ready to head into the open air. Your little learner will set out on imaginary outdoor adventures, learning how to explore the different curiosities of being outside through interactive activities and games.

A summer built around discovery and imagination

At TLE® our Summer of Happiness program allows children’s imaginations to soar to new heights as they enjoy fun, hands-on activities that will keep your little one engaged throughout the summer months.

Using your imagination to go on an adventure through space, explore a coral reef, or finding new curiosities outside, our summer program provides numerous hands-on activities that provide a summer of fun for your little learner.

Ongoing friendships and socialization

Summer at TLE® presents the perfect recipe for laughter, smiles, and cherished moments all summer long, by socializing with other children, our little ones learn a range of social and emotional skills such as problem solving, sharing, and how to bond with other children.

That’s why we’ve structured our program to encourage social and emotional development in an environment where children feel happy and safe.

Non-stop fun and entertainment

We offer exciting entertainment, fun educational moments, and plenty of outdoor opportunities for your little adventurer to stay active and engaged. Our activities are not only designed to bring a smile to children’s faces, but also develop their gross motor skills and promote teamwork and collaboration. One thing’s for sure – there is never a dull moment during TLE’s Summer of Happiness.

Our commitment to health and safety

The health and safety of our children continue to be our top priority. Our policies meet or exceed CDC guidelines and are continually updated to ensure we are taking every step possible to keep your child safe while they spend their day with us.

How to register!

Click here to contact a TLE® center near you to learn more about our Summer of Happiness Program:

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