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Our team of early education experts are dedicated to providing TLE® parents with resources that enhance their child’s early education experience.

Check out our latest blog posts for the latest parenting tips and recommendations to support your child’s learning experiences and developmental milestones at home.


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    • Taw

      Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

      Teacher Appreciation Week starts this Monday. Still looking for a gift? We've compiled a list of quick, easy and inexpensive gifts that any teacher would love!

      January 18, 2023
    • The Benefits of Second Language Acquisition in Early Childhood

      In our increasingly diverse society, there is a growing appreciation of the value of speaking more than one language. Opening one’s mind to learning about and embracing other languages and cultures can bring rich rewards. Anyone who speaks a second language can communicate with greater numbers of people, expanding their educational, professional, and social opportunities. Helping our children learn a second language is a great way to prepare them to succeed in every aspect of their adult lives.

      March 7, 2017
    • Tle Bubblesblog Philanthropy

      Ways to Nurture Philanthropy Lessons with Your Child at Home

      It’s never too early for children to learn lessons about sharing and giving, a belief we hold onto strongly to at The Learning Experience®. In today’s fast-paced, media-driven world, it can be overwhelming to pinpoint where to start or how to extend philanthropic lessons beyond the classroom and into the home. However, with a few simple ideas, it can be an enjoyable and educational experience for the entire family.

      November 11, 2015

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