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May 2024

Welcome to our May curriculum theme, Appreciating My World!

Our May curriculum theme is Appreciating My World!

This month, little ones will learn about taking care of our planet and all the animals and habitats within it! This month's curriculum concepts will help children gain a better understanding of how to truly appreciate the world around them!

May Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Infants and Toddlers

  • Enjoying an introduction to different animals 
  • Learning about keeping our environments clean and safe

Twaddlers and Preppers

  • Exploring the concept of habitats through hands-on activities 
  • Discovering ways to conserve in the classroom


  • Understanding how respecting nature creates safe homes for animals 
  • Discovering the needs of living things

Character Spotlight

Lionstein is our inquisitive scientist! In May, he'll lead your little learner on an ecological adventure to get to know animals and their habitats across the globe!

On the journey, Lionstein will introduce your little one to ways we can give back to the planet that gives so much to us — like recycling!

Sign Language









Preschool 1-3


Family Connections

You can make a habitat-themed sensory bin for your little one to extend this month's curriculum concepts at home! There are so many different habitats you could choose from! One idea is to make a jungle theme with toy animals, store-bought soil, green tissue paper for grassy sections, and blue blocks for water! Your little one will love this hands-on exploration!

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