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Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas
The TLE Team
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Did you know Teacher Appreciation Week begins this Monday? This week is dedicated to honoring, recognizing, and thanking educators and child care providers for the positive difference they make every day in the lives of children, their families, and the communities they serve!

Teachers make a huge difference in our children’s lives. They help to form their minds, hearts, and character. Teachers also ensure every student is looked after and cared for. That’s why it’s so important to show heartfelt gratitude by saying thank you for all that teachers do, and both National Teacher Day (May 7) and Provider Appreciation Day (May 9) are great opportunities to thank them.

Here’s a list of quick and easy gifts that any teacher would love:

Thank you Note

Is your child graduating from TLE this year? Have your child write a simple note of appreciation to their teacher (you should too) to show off the writing skills they learned this year from their teacher! Teachers love hearing how they have helped each of your children and how they are making a difference. This thank you note is a great example.

You can find a printable version of this letter here courtesy of The Suburban Mom.

Thank You Teacher Printable

Social Media Shout Out 

Tell the world how awesome your child’s teacher is with a heartfelt post, story or tweet. Seeing this gratitude shared publicly will definitely brighten their day! Consider taking a video of your child thanking them (you can join too!) for that

extra special touch. Don’t forget to mention what center your child attends!

We will be sharing all posts, stories, and tweets that tag or mention us and include the hashtag #ThankATeacher on all week long! You can find us on Twitter at @thelearningexp and on Instagram at @thelearningexperience.

Thank You

Baked Goods & Other Edible Treats 

Remind your child’s teachers how sweet they are by making or buying them their favorite baked goods! Here’s a great example of how you can add a personal touch to the presentation:

One Smart Cookie 

  1. Purchase pre-made cookies or bake your own.
  2. Decorate a plain colored box with coordinating stickers and ribbons.
  3. Place the cookies inside the box and complete the look with this free printable courtesy of Sweet Metel Moments.

One Smart Cookie Free Printable Tags

The Gift of Caffeine 

What teacher doesn’t need an extra caffeine push to get them through their long days? Whether you give this gift by buying them a morning coffee now and then, buying them their favorite brand, or giving them a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop, they will appreciate this gift! This DIY coffee gift example is sweet, simple and cuts straight to the point.

Thanks A Latte 

  1. Print this pre-designed thank you card courtesy of Longing for Home Designs.
  2. Pick up a gift card from your local coffee shop.
  3. Assemble the items and voila!

Tag 685

Useful Supplies for the Classroom 

Teachers are always in need of supplies or other classroom materials and will appreciate you buying these items so they don’t have to! This gift idea takes this idea to the next level with a cute and clever message:

Highlight Their Hard Word 

  1. Purchase a pack of highlighters with really cool colors
  2. Decorate a mason jar with patterned tape.
  3. Download this free printable courtesy of Love the Day and attach it with yarn.
  4. Make a list of your child’s favorite moments from the year and include in the jar.

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Gift Cards

Teachers tend to prefer gift cards to any other store-bought gift. With a classroom full of students each year, those trinkets, candles, and knick-knacks just end up cluttering shelves or ending up on a closet.c teachers tend to like gift cards from Target or Amazon so they’re not restricted to going out to a specific restaurant or shopping at a certain store.


For more ideas and inspiration on how to show your appreciation this week, you can check out our Teacher Appreciation board on Pinterest.

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