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10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Parents
The TLE Team
10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Parents

As we start the new year, it is important to reflect upon the past year. While reflecting certain questions may come to mind like: What fun and exciting activities did I do with my children? What didn’t I do? How did I handle that situation? How could I improve?

Our new year initiative is to not only inspire children to “Explore More in the new year” but also their parents. As you reflect upon all of your parenting moments, you might want to think about setting some parenting resolutions for the upcoming year.

A few of our The Learning Experience® children shared what their New Year’s resolutions ideas are:

“Do something crazy this year!”

“To give one of my toys to my cousins.”

“See lots of fireworks this year!”

“Clean up my toys at home.”

“Have a great big party for my mom to welcome my new sister who is borned this year.”

“Make my teachers and parents happy.”


“Read a book.”

“Go to a special place in the summer.”

“Watch TV.”

Here are a few parental resolution ideas:

Say YES to:              Quality time as a family

Say NO to:               Being afraid to offer choices

Read more:            Children enjoy the excitement in reading

Exercise more:     Get children more involved at home as a family –

We always recommend mentioning Flexi Flamingo™, our

physical fitness character to our students as extra motivation.

Celebrate milestones:            Display your children’s accomplishments

Plan less:                 Stop planning as many activities around your community. Children

can have as many memorable fun playing at home. Balance is key!

Patience:                 Be more patient with your children. It can lead to

less stress for you and for them.

Home cooking:       No more take out; get children involved with cooking.

                                    Have your children decide what they want to eat, and have

                                    them participate in the preparation.

Listen more:          We know that children’s stories can last up to twenty

minutes; we just need to listen more and feed their


Unplug:                 Smartphones and iPads will be there once the children are asleep.

                               These moments are precious and distractions can make you

                               miss out on future memories.

Most of all remember to enjoy your little ones and treasure every moment spent with them. Happy New Year from the team at The Learning Experience!

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