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February 2024

Welcome to our February curriculum theme, Together, Look at What We Can Do!

We're building and getting creative with friends this month at The Learning Experience! Our February curriculum theme, Together, Look at What We Can Do, helps your little one learn the value of teamwork!

In the classrooms this month, your child will explore collaboration, work together with peers to achieve goals, and grow their planning skills!

February Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Infants and Toddlers

  • Building social skills through interactions with TLE Friends 
  • Exploring an introduction to sharing and taking turns 

Twaddlers and Preppers

  • Exploring how to work together to achieve a common goal
  • Discovering the value of cooperation


  • Understanding the impact and influence we can have on each other
  • Enhance critical thinking and planning skills

Character Spotlight

Techni-Cal and Cody Chameleon are our STEM experts who are always ready to take on a challenge through problem-solving!

This month, they will help your little learner build their critical thinking skills and investigate the world around them — all while working together with their peers!

Sign Language









Preschool 1-3


Family Connections

You can extend Together, Look at What We Can Do curriculum concepts at home! One option is to build with empty cardboard boxes! Your little one can use their planning and teamwork skills to create a structure of their choice with you! Happy building!

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