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The Learning Experience Presents: 12 Days of Crafts
The TLE Team
TLE BubblesBlog 12DoC 504x322

The holidays are in full swing! Keeping your little ones entertained during this busy season can be a challenge, but not impossible. Our educators at The Learning Experience have always prided themselves in identifying the most fun and engaging activities to create with their students.

This year we are excited to be sharing a few of those activities with our friends to create at home. Get your children into the holiday spirit with our 12 Days of Crafts developed to keep both their imaginations and hands occupied. Tune in each day to see a new craft revealed!

Day 1: Reindeer Hands

The Learning Experience craft workshop is looking for some hard working elves to help our reindeers get ready for the holidays. Print out this PDF and get those hands crafting!

TLE BubblesBlog ReindeerHands

Day 2: DIY Holiday Cards

Does your child want to share the holiday spirit with their family members and friends? Have them craft down to the holidays with these DIY holiday cards!

TLE BubblesBlog HolidayCards

Day 3: The Learning Experience Holiday Sticker Sheet

Want to add some flair to your children’s crafts? Introduce them to our friend Bubbles® and all of his friends with these holiday themed stickers. Download the PDF.

TLE BubblesBlog StickerSheet

Day 4: Bubbles Take Flight

In honor of Wright Brothers Day enjoy a craft that will make your child want to take flight! Your child’s imagination will soar to new heights with this holiday themed paper airplane. Click here to get the PDF.

TLE BubblesBlog PaperAirplanes

Day 5: The Learning Experience Gingerbread House

There’s nothing sweeter than this Gingerbread pop-up house coloring craft. Get out some crayons and let your children indulge their coloring sweet tooth with this PDF.

TLE BubblesBlog PopUpCard Gingerbread

Day 6: Bubbles’ Snowflake Glasses

Can you feel that winter chill? Today’s craft is the ultimate statement of cool! Snip and tape away to create Bubbles’ Snowflake Glasses. Click here to download the PDF.

56796b7f Ac24 4bd5 A50c 242b323f9d46 TLE BubblesBlog SnowflakeGlasses

Day 7: Bubbles’ Winter Puzzle

Winter is one day away and Bubbles can’t wait! Get your little one amped for the new season with this fun puzzle that they will be sure to love to pieces. Download the PDF.

TLE BubblesBlog BubblesPuzzle

Day 8: Bubbles’ Winter Wonderland

Bubbles’ is walking in a winter wonderland in honor of the #FirstDayofWinter for today’s craft. Join in the fun by creating this fun pop up card. Download the PDF.

TLE BubblesBlog WinterWonderland

Day 9: Bubbles’ Snowglobe Picture Frame

Capture a moment in time with today’s craft! You’re little one will be in a flurry of excitement adding some holiday spirit into this Snowglobe Picture Frame. Download the PDF.

TLE BubblesBlog SnowGlobePictureFrame

Day 10: Bubbles’ & Friends Finger Puppets

Want to keep those little fingers busy? Let them perform a holiday puppet show with the help of Bubbles’ & his friends. Downlad the PDF.

TLE BubblesBlog FingerPuppets

Day 11: Bubbles’ Winter Carnival Game

Want to keep your children entertained while you wrap the last of your gifts? Let them help Bubbles and his friends get to the winter carnival with this DIY board game. Download the PDF.

TLE BubblesBlog WinterCarnivalGame

Day 12: New Year’s Hat

Save all of that paper from the holidays and get ready for New Year’s Eve! Download the PDF.

TLE 12DoC NewYearsHat FB

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