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June 29, 2016

Making Math Fun for Preschoolers

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For many young learners, math can be quite the challenge. It becomes even more difficult if the child doesn’t particularly enjoy the subject. The solution? It’s time to start making math fun!

At The Learning Experience®, children have opportunities to explore exciting math concepts every day, but there is so much more than can be done after school and during the summer to foster a life-long love for math!  Here are just a few suggestions that our experts have come up with to help you turn math time into play time!

  1. Keep a Positive Attitude: Young children will follow our lead. When we set the mood that math is fun, exciting and engaging, we open can open the door for a child to develop a positive attitude toward learning new math concepts!
  2. Create Math Games: Come up with fun games you and your child can play together to recognize that math is all around us! Count shells at the beach, look for patterns or discuss the shapes of street signs! By associating math with the world around them, you can help your child see its importance as well as make it feel less intimidating!
  3. Be Consistent: During the summer, we know that your schedules may be different, trips may be planned and playing outside is a little more relevant. With this in mind, stay consistent! Make sure you are continuing to incorporate numbers and problems into their play so that math stays fresh in their mind all summer long!
  4. Form Teachable Moments: “Teachable Moments”, a natural opportunity for learning to occur, is a best practice that we at The Learning Experience recognize and encourage! For example, taking your child to the grocery store with you and have them help you review the receipt, count the money or talking to them about sale items. Fostering moments like these will once again, help them connect math to the real world and understand its importance.
  5. Reward Success: Positive reinforcement is a big way to influence a child’s attitude. While you are working to create teachable moments and making up math games, don’t forget to reward your child when they succeed! Something as simple as positive praise or some extra play time can go a long way in improving your child’s outlook toward math!

Whatever strategies you use this summer, make it a summer of Learning, Playing and Growing! Let us know what math games you came up with, or what teachable moments you found out in the real world! As always, we encourage you to share your success stories with all of us here at The Learning Experience!

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