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Our team of early education experts are dedicated to providing TLE® parents with resources that enhance their child’s early education experience.

Check out our latest blog posts for the latest parenting tips and recommendations to support your child’s learning experiences and developmental milestones at home.


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    • The Benefits of Second Language Acquisition in Early Childhood

      In our increasingly diverse society, there is a growing appreciation of the value of speaking more than one language. Opening one’s mind to learning about and embracing other languages and cultures can bring rich rewards. Anyone who speaks a second language can communicate with greater numbers of people, expanding their educational, professional, and social opportunities. Helping our children learn a second language is a great way to prepare them to succeed in every aspect of their adult lives.

      March 7, 2017
    • Building Mathematics Skills in Young Children

      From infancy, children begin to construct ideas about math through their daily routines and experiences, as well as interactions with trusted adults. Helping them see how math plays a role in their everyday lives allows children to begin to develop important math skills at a very young age.

      April 5, 2017
    • I Can Do It by Myself: Developing Your Child’s Independence

      The preschool years are a time of burgeoning independence when children develop their intellectual, verbal, and social-emotional skills. It’s a time when they tackle an increasing number of tasks independently. As children learn to be more responsible, they are practicing their large and fine motor skills at the same time. This period is also their chance to gain self-confidence and build their self-esteem.

      June 6, 2017
    • Build Resilience Title

      Building Resilience - Helping Children Cope with Change

      All people face challenges in their lives. Changes in one’s job, one’s relationships, or one’s residence are all areas where one must exercise grit and resilience to persevere and to keep going. Every day, everyone experiences tough times, whether small or large, in some way. Children do as well, even if their challenges sometimes look different from those of adults. Like adults, children will always have difficulties of varying degrees to face. However, parents and teachers can give them the skills they need to cope and even thrive in any situation. We can build their resilience.

      September 14, 2017
    • Let’s Get Ready To Read! Phonics In Early Childhood Education

      Let’s Get Ready to Read! Phonics in Early Childhood Education

      Phonics in early childhood focuses on helping children understand that sounds and letters have a relationship. Through phonics, students learn that written English consists of groups of letters that represent a series of sounds, and that these sounds get translated into a meaning. Phonics education sets the stage for reading.

      February 18, 2023

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