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Curriculum that develops the whole child

September 2022

Welcome to our September curriculum theme, Back to School with Bubbles

It's time for a new school year, and that means happy time spent with TLE friends and teachers! The curriculum theme for September, Back to School with Bubbles, will help your child explore their classroom, make new friends, and learn through play! This month, your child and their classmates will focus on building their social emotional skills as they work on developing relationships with their peers and adults! They'll also learn their role in the classroom and their community and meet all our amazing learning characters! From creating beautiful self-portraits to singing friendship songs, going Back to School with Bubbles is so much fun!

September Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Welcome to School

Little learners will be introduced to our special characters and learn their role in the classroom!

Week 2 - Getting to Know You

Children will use creativity and dramatic play to identify who they are and what they like!

Week 3 - All Kinds of Families

Children will learn about what all types of families look like and what it means to be in a family!

Week 4 - Hello Friends!

Little learners will build friendship connections in their classroom through collaborative activities!

Character Spotlight

Our lovable friend Bubbles the Elephant is guiding your little learner through this month’s theme! Bubbles learns right alongside your child each day as he takes them on their daily journey in the classroom! Bubbles has a positive attitude and a love of learning, and this month he will make the little ones excited and passionate about discovering new things! Bubbles will play a special role in this month’s Advanced STEM-based Curriculum by helping your child develop their critical thinking skills to explore their school, families, and themselves!


Sign Language

: Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez









Family Connections

This September, you can play a big role in your child's smooth transition into the new academic year! We encourage you to walk through the school routine at home so your child is comfortable with the process. When you pick up your child, your can support their learning and engagement in our curriculum by asking intentional questions about their day!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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