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Curriculum that develops the whole child

September 2021

Welcome to our September curriculum theme, Happy Happenings - Let's Be Friends

Welcome to the new school year! Our "Let's Be Friends" September curriculum theme is encouraging our little learners to embrace their individuality, make new friends, share about their family and culture, and explore the community they reside in.

September Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Meet the Characters

Meet our beloved TLE® characters and learn about their special role in the classroom.

Week 2 - All About Me

Discuss the traits and qualities that make us all special!

Week 3 - Families

Learn about cultures, traditions and what makes each family unique!

Week 4 - School at TLE

Get familiar with the classroom environment and discuss all that we will achieve this year.

Week 5 - My Friends

Meet new friends and learn about the qualities of a good friendship.

Character Spotlight

Bubbles the Elephant, the beloved mascot of The Learning Experience, is so excited to welcome our little learners to school. Throughout the month, your child will be introduced to a plethora of characters that will help them learn all about friendship, empathy, and what it means to be unique.

Sign Language



: Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez







Family Connections

Facilitate a discussion with your child about acceptance as you talk about what makes your family members unique. This is a great opportunity to highlight how our differences make us special. Take a moment to ask your child what makes them special.

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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