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April 7, 2023

Meet the 2023 Power Leaders in Corporate Philanthropy

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No two people or families in need are quite the same. This year’s Power Leaders in Corporate  Philanthropy reflect the dynamic needs – and committed leaders – across the South Florida market. 

Our list of leaders reflects the individuals and organizations whose resources focus on helping our  most vulnerable. By lending a hand to lift others up, most are serving needs critical to any thriving  community. 

Because along with spending on education, infrastructure, culture and other amenities people find  important, thriving communities must invest in their at-risk populations in hopes of becoming a  world-class destination. 

These Power Leaders in Corporate Philanthropy have made that hand up their life’s calling. And we’re  all better because of it.

Richard Weissman 

Chairman, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida; co-founder, chairman and CEO, The Learning Experience 

Deerfield Beach 

Weissman chairs the non profit organization, which has executive offices in Fort Lauderdale, Bonita  Springs, Sarasota and Tampa. The Learning Experience’s proprietary preschool curriculum in  partnership with Make-A-Wish teaches philanthropy to children 3 to 5 years of age. 

Birthplace: New Jersey 

Education: Attended some college 

Greatest accomplishment in philanthropy: Sponsored children from Haiti to come to the U.S.  to earn an education and begin their professional career through the nonprofit PROPEL. 

Act that would transform giving: If every professional, in any field, committed to donating a  portion of their time to charity every year. 

Favorite local getaway spot: On a boat out on the water. 

Traits that describe me: Loyal, determined, compassionate 

Title of my life story: “Driven to Lead, Passion to Help”,, 954-967-9474

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