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September 7, 2023

Celebrating FBR’s 2023 Franchise Rock Stars

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Each franchise brings a unique set of products, services, culture, and values to its brand, its community, and its franchise family. But what makes certain business owners excel to Franchise Rock Star status? FBR’s Franchise Rock Star Awards honor franchise owners who go above and beyond the norm and set an example for success and giving back.

To achieve FBR Rock Star status, brands must be on FBR’s Top 200 Franchises in order to nominate a franchisee.  This year, Franchise Business Review received over 250 nominations from franchisors in eight different categories–including Top Performers, Multi-Unit Owners, Veteran-Owned, Women-Owned, Family-Owned, Freshmen, Millennials, and Giving Back. We narrowed the search to award 77 franchisees whom we believe define what it really means to be an FBR Rock Star.


Rachel Sherman
TSS Photography
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Rock Star Category: Women-Owned

Rachel Sherman is not only the top-performing female business owner but also the top-performing franchisee in the entire TSS network, with sales more than double that of the next closest competitor. Having already accomplished her lifelong dream of owning a photography business, she’s now set her sights on empowering the next generation of entrepreneurial females.

“The biggest thing in business ownership is that you need a support network, whether it’s your family, friends, or the franchise. With TSS Photography, you have comprehensive training and ongoing support from the brand—with as much or as little help as you want—plus the close-knit network of other franchisees in the system. There is always an opportunity to grow. We do school pictures, youth sports, professional headshots, and special events. I love it all!” Read the complete franchisee profile. 

For more information on TSS Photography franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 800-336-4550 ext. 114.

Gary Lafreniere
A Place At Home
North Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Rock Star Category: Top Performer

Gary Lafreniere chose A Place At Home because they don’t see franchisees as mere numbers but rather as capable individuals with something special to offer the communities they serve. “I knew the corporate group cared about our success as a business and us as people.” Gary’s mentorship with other A Place At Home franchisees has been invaluable. He is always willing to share his insights and experience to help others succeed. “I know we can always do more. We are building a strong foundation as a local care provider here in our community. The more we grow means, the more people we are helping, and that is all me and my team need for motivation.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the A Place At Home franchise opportunity, visit APlaceAtHomeFranchise. com/FBR, email, or call 402-957-0048.

Karen Lossing 
14 locations in CA, AZ, TX, and CO
Rock Star Category: Family-Owned

Karen Lossing opened her first Mathnasium franchise in 2013. With the help and support of her husband and two children, they’ve now grown their Mathnasium empire into a 14-territory, family-owned powerhouse.

“We explored a few options before making the leap. But, I knew that if I was going to be successful, I needed to walk in the door with a number of skills in hand. We knew we wanted to feel we could make a difference. When I was introduced to Mathnasium, it was an explosive moment that fueled my decision to move forward. Their technology is amazing. We are math people and love data that assists with decision-making. Currently, I’m a beta tester for improved business intelligence. It is exciting to see how far we have come in measuring growth, efficiencies, and profitability. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have built a business with my family. The best part was it was entirely organic. It’s been a fun and awesome way to stay connected with our kids—even though we live far apart.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Mathnasium franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 888-763-2604.

Dom Loiacono
School of Rock
Perth, Australia
Rock Star Category: Top Performer

Dom Loiacono’s bought his franchise in 2016, serving Perth, Australia, and extending to Jolimont and East Melbourne. Most franchises strive to enroll 300 students. When Covid 19 hit, Dom hit the throttle. He used his leadership, innovation, passion, and drive to set a new franchise benchmark record—the first School of Rock franchise to service more than 500 students in a single month! For Dom, when you’re passionate about music, School of Rock becomes more than just a business ownership opportunity—it’s a lifestyle.

“The training and support provided by corporate has been really good. From the outset, we were appointed our own personal director of operations, who guided us through the whole process. As franchisees in the system, we all have one thing in common—the passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I love seeing how excited our students are to come to us each week. I’m driven to continue to build our community, change lives, and instill confidence and self-belief. That and the opportunity to give our future rockstars a great head start.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

To learn more about the School of Rock franchise opportunity, visit ​​, email, or call 877-566-6184.

Ryan Murphy
Soccer Shots
10 locations in Florida and Massachusetts
Rock Star Category: Veteran-Owned

Ryan Murphy was a soccer player, coach, official, and mentor for nearly four decades. After serving over ten years on active duty and another 10+ in the U.S. Naval Reserves, his life changed with a Facebook ad. “What initially caught my eye was an ad that said, ‘Do you love soccer? Do you love to coach? Do you want to own your own business?’ To which I replied yes to all three!”

“When I started to explore Soccer Shots, it came down to the people I met and worked with early on. They were organized, considerate, and energetic. That sold me on this business in particular.” Falling back on his military training, Ryan grew his business through team building. “As a business grows, you must trust and delegate because you can’t do it alone. Your team is young and green, but you have to trust them. They will fail and make mistakes, but that’s okay. This is how they will learn and improve. We must be ready to lead strategically as we’ve grown into a multi-state franchise, operating ten franchises across two states. You must think big picture and set the tone of the business with a shared vision and core values. That’s how you succeed.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Soccer Shots franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 717-303-8884.

Karen Mora
Payroll Vault
Santa Barbara, CA
Rock Star Category: Top Performer

It takes a positive attitude, productivity, efficiency, and a diehard commitment to the values, mission, and culture of the franchisor to be a Top Performing Rock Star. When Karen Mora ​​discovered Payroll Vault, she was already heading up her own private bookkeeping firm.

“I never imagined being a franchise owner, but after one meeting with Payroll Vault, I quickly became aware of the benefits offered to franchisees. With an impressive business model to help me manage and grow my payroll business and well-developed systems to provide solutions my clients needed, I immediately made the leap. The best part about the day-to-day operation is the satisfaction that we are providing our clients with solutions they need and appreciate. We’ve become specialists in processing payroll in many states due to the pandemic and remote workforces, which can be challenging as each state has its own rules. Larger payroll companies don’t do the work required to set up companies in other states, but we do. My proudest achievement so far is hiring a team of payroll superstars! Our combined teamwork is why we have a successful business today.” Read the complete franchisee profile. 

For more information on the Payroll Vault franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 303-763-1829.

Drew Nicholoff
Ziebart International
Lansing, MI
Rock Star Category: Millennial-Owned 

Drew Nicholoff spent ten years working as an accessory installer for Ziebart before purchasing his location in 2020 during the pandemic. He not only kept the doors open but also the business thriving! The shop has set sales records—weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Drew and his wife, Meredith, are also members of the brand’s operations and marketing committees. “It’s exciting to see the innovation and corporate development at Ziebart as they find new and exciting products to introduce to the public and new ways of interacting with the customers. Whatever the future holds, we’re here for it.”

“It might surprise some people about Millennial business owners—the people who don’t understand our work ethic—that we’re not afraid to take chances at such a young age and work our butts off to succeed! I’m still on the clock many nights and weekends, working on jobs to get them done for our customers.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Ziebart franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 248-588-4100.

Jorge Figueroa
Osceola, Florida
Rock Star Category: Veteran-Owned

Jorge Figueroa has big plans for his Fibrenew operation. He wants to become Florida’s No. 1 leader in repairing and restoring leather, plastics, and vinyl for his customers. One of the most transferable skills in achieving his civilian-based mission is a quality he learned well in the military–discipline.

“Getting out there daily, understanding ‘the why’ of this business, gives me great joy. It takes discipline and determination to knock on doors and talk to people about Fibrenew and what I can do to support them. But it’s the foundation of a routine that leads to success. Being a veteran-owned business is a badge of honor. I appreciate the opportunity to set my schedule, honor my commitments, and spend quality time with my family. That, and the resiliency to see through the difficult days, knowing that tomorrow is another day filled with opportunity. That’s what keeps me going!” Read the complete franchisee profile. 

For more information on the Fibrenew franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 877-311-2330.

Paul Megrath
Snap-on Tools
7 Territories in Eastern Iowa
Rock Star Category: Multi-Unit Owner

Paul Megrath is always willing to do what’s right to help his customers, business, employees, and the franchise system. He started his entrepreneurial journey in 2004 and has grown his enterprise operation to include seven territories and 15 employees. He grows his businesses by always looking to recruit additional franchisees into the system, knowing it enables career paths and strengthens the brand. “There’s nothing like getting answers from the people who are actually in the position. Each candidate rides along with a franchisee while determining if it’s a good fit for each. You can watch them run the business throughout the course of the day but also get every question answered.”

“I’m very thankful that Snap-on allowed me to grow my business to my seven franchises. With each one, we would discuss whether it was good for me, good for the customers, and good for Snap-on. And every time, we agreed that it was. Beyond that, Snap-on provides sophisticated point-of-sale systems for all franchise owners, allowing me to build quotes and get contracts signed easily. It allows me to move at the rapid speed I have to develop my businesses.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Snap-on Tools franchise opportunity, visit, or call 877-476-2766.

Cathy Trlica
Caring Senior Service
New Braunfels, Texas
Rock Star Category: Family-Owned

“I joined Caring Senior Service in its early beginnings as a franchise. In my former career, I was very process-oriented and felt confident that I could use the franchise’s tools to implement the processes required. The policy and procedure manual, operations manual, and in-person training covered everything needed to meet state regulations, market the business, and use the technical platform required to perform business-critical operations.” Three years in, I enlisted the help of my daughter, Lara Harris, who was instrumental in handling the operational side of the business. With all back-end duties handled by Lara, I could be the face of the organization and scale my business accordingly. It’s an ideal setup that allows us to focus on what matters most—providing superior in-home care for our clients.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Caring Senior Service franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 937-545-6278.

Adam Flattau
Senior Care Authority
Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island, NY
Rock Star Category: Giving Back

When asked what he loves most about his work, Adam Flattau didn’t hesitate to say,  “Easy. I love helping families, giving back to my community, and sleeping well at night.” With empathy, patience, compassion, and professionalism, he has guided over 500 families during overwhelming circumstances and distilled them into manageable tasks, supporting them fully throughout the process.

“30 years of being successful in Corporate America was financially rewarding. It did, however, lack a sense of giving back or contributing to society in what I deemed to be a meaningful way. The compassion, honesty, transparency, and accessibility of the Senior Care Authority corporate team were among the traits that first stood out to me. That and the dual revenue model of placement income and consulting income really appealed to me.”

Adam is a big voice and contributor to the Alzheimer’s Association, including joining the Walk Committee, acting as Walk Sponsorship Chairperson, becoming a member of the Alzheimer’s Association board of directors, and most recently he’s become the Vice Chairperson of that board. “Devoting my time and resources to the Alzheimer’s Association and other local organizations that help dementia patients and their caregivers has become a passion of mine.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Senior Care Authority franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 888-809-1231 ext. 2.

Karen DeRosa
Class 101
Dayton, Ohio
Rock Star Category: Top Performer

Karen DeRosa started her franchise ownership in 2018. In 2021, she was the brand’s “Franchisee of the Year” out of 45 locations. In 2022, she became the brand’s second-best performing franchisee, yet, her ultimate achievement is helping 97 seniors earn a 92% acceptance rate while receiving over $20 million in scholarship money.

“I am very motivated by my students. Every day is a different opportunity to help each student reach their potential. And it’s incredibly rewarding to see a student’s eyes light up when they finally realize what they’re capable of. Amazing things happen when the structure of the Class 101 business model meets strong coaching—motivating and equipping a student to own their goals, decisions, and future. Who wouldn’t want to do this job every day?” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Class 101 franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call: 817-271-2905.

Jon Noceda
Express Employment Professionals
Chula Vista and San Diego, California
Rock Star Category: Veteran-Owned

​​Jon Noceda was in the Navy for 22 years and wore many hats before opening his first franchise in 2015. Since then, he has seamlessly transitioned the skills he learned in the military into practical business ownership knowledge. In 2022, he provided job placement services for over 1,500 individuals, and the total contribution to payrolls in the local economy exceeded $10 million!

“Veterans are very good at following procedures. And franchising is no different. Express Employment’s process in getting franchisees started is top-notch in everything they do for new franchisees. That extends to the training, the support, and especially the mentorship. But it doesn’t end there. They continue to be right by your side, helping you to succeed as a business owner.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Express Employment Professionals franchise opportunity, visit,, email, or call 877-652-6400.

Bassam Safi
Our Town America
Wilmington and Raleigh, North Carolina 
Rock Star Category: Top Performer

Our Town America’s corporate leadership says Bassam Safi is an ambassador’s ambassador who has become the brand’s benchmark for success. His selfless example is indicative of his natural leadership abilities. This is why the brand named him to its franchise advisory council and promoted him to one of their field training representatives.

“I was attracted to the low cost of entry, the scalability, and flexibility of working from home or office—with or without hired help. I love having work-life balance thanks to the corporate staff who handles all of the production. I’m always on the move meeting different people and changing scenery. I’ve formed many bonds and gained many friends. I also love having the ability to influence other franchisees, or potential franchisees, and point them in a good direction.” Read the complete franchisee profile. 

For more information on the Our Town America franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 800-497-8360.

Kelly Rasmovich and Laura Banner
Oasis Senior Advisors
Cumming, Georgia
Rock Star Category: Top Performers

Laura Banner and Kelly Rasmovich, a mother-daughter duo, became Oasis Senior Advisors franchisees in 2022. It didn’t take long for their business acumen and charitable contributions to catch the eye of their franchisors, who nominated them as Rock Stars. Helping others find their solutions gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling – something they never grow tired of experiencing.

“The best part of our business is when a family tells us that they couldn’t have done it without us,” Banner said. “The reality is they could have done it without us, but we know that our guidance, expertise, and assistance helped make it less stressful and allowed them to focus on their loved ones’ or their own needs while we focused on the details of making everything come together for them.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Oasis Senior Advisors franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 855-466-4081.

Shauna Gut
JPAR Elite Real Estate
Las Vegas, Nevada
Rock Star Category: Freshman

Shauna Gut opened her own transaction-based, full-service JPAR real estate brokerage in 2021. Though she had prior experience as a real estate agent, she never felt supported by the brand she once represented. Today, her experience is much different! Leveraging JPAR’s built-in resources, tools, mentorship, accountability groups, and operational systems, Shauna was able to grow her agent base by 188% in the first six months of business ownership. Within the first year, that number rose to 288%.

“My short-term goals and actions help facilitate my long-term goals to continue to build and refine our agent experience so our agents continue to thrive within our community. My local efforts, along with the efforts of my franchisee peers in now 27 states, will solidify the JPAR brand within the real estate industry.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the JPAR Elite Real Estate franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 972-982-7007.

David Miller
Fort Myers, Lakeland, Leesburg, Naples, Ocala, and Sarasota, Florida
Rock Star Category: Giving Back 

David Miller has achieved undeniable success as a multi-unit franchisee. But his passion and work ethic are not limited to his professional endeavors. “Business ownership gives you a platform to give back, and you can do it in various ways. You can give back to your employees, job candidates, clients, and organizations within the community.”

In 2022 Hurricane Ian devastated Southeastern Florida, including the local American Legion Post in Bonita Springs, an organization dearest to his heart. Becoming an integral part of the relief effort, David donated $25,000 out of his pocket, organized a community food drive, and packed 500 bagged lunches for hurricane relief workers. During the pandemic, he organized a back-to-school supply drive that gave away nearly 200 backpacks to elementary schoolchildren, and he’s an annual participant in Spherion’s own Community Giveback campaign, contributing over $7,000. Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Spherion franchise opportunity, visit, email, or call 951-587-6864.

Mike Cardamone
Huntington Learning Center
Waldorf, Maryland
Rock Star Category: Giving Back

Mike Cardamone bought into the Huntington opportunity in 1999 and has an admirable record as a high-producing, multi-unit franchisee. He and his wife, Lorraine, have helped over 5,000 students improve their scholastic performance. Mike serves on the franchisor’s Advisory Council and has helped found the “Huntington Helps” initiative, tutoring low-income families and those with learning disabilities. He volunteers for the brand’s annual Reading Adventure Program.

Additionally, Mike volunteers to support local women’s shelters, food banks, back-to-school supply drives, Special Olympics Chapters, and various foster child organizations. He has volunteered with the local EMS, saving lives and providing critical care, for four decades. “What truly fills me with pride is the immeasurable reward of witnessing the success of the children I have had the privilege to work with. Knowing that my efforts have been pivotal in their growth, development, and achievements is my ultimate measure of success.” Read the complete franchisee profile.

For more information on the Huntington Learning Center franchise opportunity, visit

Congratulations to all of this year’s Franchise Rock Stars!

Franchise Brand Rock Stars Category
360clean Birgit Rutledge Women
ActionCOACH Doug Winnie Giving Back
AlphaGraphics Louis Malooley Top performers
Anago Cleaning Systems Dave Bonnemort Top performers
Any Lab Test Now Allison Kapalka Women
Aroma Joe’s Jon and Jeff Realejo Freshman
Assisting Hands Karvel Kofoed Family-owned
AtWork Group Lori Brower Women
British Swim School Robert Stapf Top performers
CertaPro Painters Jen Marmor Women
Christian Brothers Automotive Andrew Slemp Giving Back
Complete Weddings + Events Matt and Mike Sherry Family-owned
Cruise Planners Caroline Swift Freshman
Discovery Map International Ethan Unverferth Family-owned
Dogtopia Lynn Konetschni Women
Donatos Pizza Spence Sheldon Millennials
Dream Vacations/CruiseOne Jason and Merci Newquist Family-owned
The Goddard School David and Allison McMurtry Millennials
Goldfish Swim School Katie Lee Multi-unit
HomeWell Tracie Dominguez Veterans
Hounds Town USA Mitch Kahn Freshman
Junk King Marnie Prince Women
K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Larkin Combs Top performers
Kona Ice Walter and Rita Evans Veterans
Mobility Plus Gary Ross Giving Back
Molly Maid Katie Burkey Giving Back
Moran Family of Brands Greg Goodman Top performers
New Again Houses Ryan Decker Top performers
NEXTAFF Lisa Meyers Women
Nothing Bundt Cakes Jim Sheahan Giving Back
Office Pride Mike Straszheim Multi-unit
Penn Station East Coast Subs Joe Sunderman Millennials
Pet Supplies Plus Eric Lundquist Freshman
Pinch A Penny Kevin and Debbie Glass Freshman
Pool Scouts Brent Berridge Veterans
Prime IV Hydration & Wellness Andrea Trout Giving Back Kristelle Campbell Women
Sandler Training Blaine Arnold Freshman
Singers Company Emily Pascual Top performers
Skyhawks Sports Academy Allison and Brian Hopkins Multi-unit
Slim Chickens Scott Davis Top performers
Spoiled Rotten Photography Heather Sams Giving Back
Stratus Building Solutions Angela Le Freshman
Streamline Brands Leila O’Brien Women
Teriyaki Madness Nathan Krohn Veterans
The Glass Guru Jon Connor, Chris Chambers Top performers
The Human Bean Lauren Karcher Family-owned
The Learning Experience Arun and Ash Advani Top performers
The N2 Company RC Smith Veterans
Truly Nolen of America Dr. Chris and Matt Christensen Family-owned
TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Tim Lightner Multi-unit
Unishippers Tracy Favre Women
United Country Real Estate Payton Hamm &
Stacy Carnes-Stricker
USA Insulation Carrie and Nicole Griggs Millennials
Verlo Mattress Carmen Strum, Cory Cunningham Freshman
Wayback Burgers Jignesh Raval Giving Back
Weichert Real Estate Affiliates Beau Dunfee Family-owned
Wetzel’s Pretzels Tyler Dutton Veterans
Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. Amy Legg, Kellie Watts Multi-unit
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