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Curriculum that develops the whole child

October 2022

Welcome to our October curriculum theme, Penny Goes to the Farm

Let's take a trip to the farm! This month's curriculum theme is Penny Goes to the Farm, where your child will use their investigation and exploration skills to learn about their natural environment and the plants and animals they'd find on the farm! Penny is teaching table manners your child can use to show gratitude for the food they have and the people who harvested and prepared it! Your child will also learn Advanced STEM-based Concepts as they discover farming technology and how it works! Exploring the world of farm-grown foods and farm animals at TLE this month is so much fun!

October Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Animals on the Farm

Little learners will discover different farm animals and their important jobs on the farm!

Week 2 - Farming

Children will use dramatic play and sensory bins to explore a farmer's daily routine!

Week 3 - Let it Grow

Children will learn about the farm to table sequencing process with fruits and veggies!

Week 4 - Moving Machines

Little learners will discover farming technology and how those devices help the farmers!

Character Spotlight

Our well-mannered etiquette coach Penny Polite is leading this month’s farm adventure! Penny is passionate about spreading kindness and gratitude, and in this month’s curriculum theme she will teach your child about showing appreciation for the foods they eat and where those foods come from! She’ll also share proper table manners – like sitting tummy-to-table – while your child enjoys some delicious fruits and veggies!


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: Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez





Preschool 1-3


School Age


Family Connections

You can reinforce this month's curriculum concepts at home by taking your child on your trip to the grocery store! While you browse, you can discuss the different kinds of fruits and veggies you see and where they come from! This will strengthen your child's understanding of the trip their food takes from the farm to the store!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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