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Curriculum that develops the whole child

October 2021

Welcome to our October curriculum theme, Harvest Time

It’s Harvest Time at TLE! October’s curriculum theme takes our little learners on a journey down to the farm to discover how foods are grown, harvested, and make their way into our homes. Through TLE's Advanced STEM Curriculum, children will participate in explorations that foster innovative thinking and hands-on learning. They will manipulate garden tools, compare and contrast seeds, experiment with hydroponic planting, get their hands dirty with soil, and categorize farm animals.

October Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - On the Farm

Discover farm equipment, learn about various jobs on the farm, and even explore scarecrows.

Week 2 - How Seeds Grow

It's time to compare and contrast seeds and predict what they will grow into.

Week 3 - Farm to Table

Discover how fresh, yummy vegetables make their way from the farm to the table!

Week 4 - Farm Animals

A fun and exciting week filled with learning about cows, ducks, chickens and horses!

Character Spotlight

Penny Polite is the prim and proper coach of our Manners program. This month, Penny Polite will take our children on a trip to the farm to learn about table manners and sitting tummy-to-the-table as they enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sign Language





All Done


: Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez



Family Connections

To support this month’s curriculum lessons at home, talk with your child about what they think life on a farm would be like. Point out familiar animals in your neighborhood and read books featuring farm animals. This is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a healthy snack of fruits and vegetables together. You may even consider taking a trip to a local pumpkin patch or farmer’s market!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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