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November 2023

Welcome to our November curriculum theme, My Community!

This month, your child will discover how a community helps one another!

They'll understand their roles within their home and school communities, use dramatic play to learn about key locations within a community, learn about different community helpers, and so much more!

November Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Infants and Toddlers

  • Learning about home and school communities 
  • Reinforcing connections of community within the classroom through games and item exploration

Twaddlers and Preppers

  • Engaging in dramatic play to understand different elements of their community 
  • Identifying community helpers and learning about what they do 


  • Learning how everyone is better when working together 
  • Understanding the key locations that make up a community 

Character Spotlight

Your child's friend Penny Polite will guide them through this month's curriculum!

Penny helps our little learners understand the value of having good manners and practicing kindness. This month, she'll help your child understand how they can be respectful in their community!

Sign Language




Thank You





Preschool 1-3

Thank You

Family Connections

You can reinforce your child's understanding of this month's curriculum by involving your little learner in thanking your community helpers! You can make 'thank you' cards with them and pass them out to those you'd like to thank! This activity will not only support your child's understanding of community helper roles, but also show them how they can be respectful in their community! Download our My Community Thank You Card template by clicking the "Monthly Activity Sheet" button to the right of your screen.

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