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November 2022

Welcome to our November curriculum theme, Get Healthy with Flexi

Our November curriculum theme is Get Healthy with Flexi! This month, your child will get their body moving, learn about healthy habits, and practice some self-help skills! They'll discover calming techniques like taking deep breaths, doing yoga, and listening to music. This November, your child will also explore the importance of hygiene, like washing their hands, practicing good sleep habits, and brushing their teeth!

November Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Hygiene

Little learners will explore the importance of hand washing, sleep habits, and brushing their teeth!

Week 2 - I Can Do It!

Children will say “I Can Do It!” as they learn self-help skills to gain new independence!

Week 3 - Food for Fuel

Children will love learning about food groups and how food makes us strong!

Week 4 - Mindfulness

Little learners will practice calming techniques – like taking deep breaths and doing yoga!

Character Spotlight

Our passionate fitness coach, Flexi Flamingo, is taking center stage for this month’s curriculum! Flexi will show your little learner how fun making healthy choices can be! She’ll lead sorting activities and dramatic play with different healthy foods, silly active games, and more this month!

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Family Connections

You can support a healthy lifestyle for your child by planning fun family fitness activities! You could hold an active dance party, spend an energetic afternoon at the playground, or even create your own obstacle course at home! This will show your child that the whole family values physical activity and how fun being healthy is!

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