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Curriculum that develops the whole child

May 2023

Welcome to our May curriculum theme, Art with Pablo and Friends

Our May curriculum theme is Art with Pablo and Friends! Your little learner will channel their inner artist as they explore all kinds of art forms in the classroom this month! Art with Pablo and Friends will encourage your child's self-expression and enhance their fine motor skills as they discover the joy of art through hands-on activities!

May Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - The Journey Through Art

Your child will begin this month’s curriculum by creating open-ended art with different materials – and even explore digital art tools!

Week 2 - It's Showtime!

Your little learner will discover the dramatic arts as they make their own puppets and act out their favorite stories!

Week 3 - Building A Beautiful World

Your child will learn about architecture as they sketch landmarks, build structures, and create 3D art!

Week 4 - The Artist Within Me

Your little learner will have the opportunity to make a special creation using their favorite art form!

Character Spotlight

Our artist-in-residence, Pablo Pigasso, is taking center stage to lead your little learner through this month of artistic discovery! Pablo shows children that art doesn’t only involve painting and coloring – it includes dancing, singing, sculpting, photography, architecture, and so much more! Pablo is so excited to guide your child through hands-on exploration of new art forms and help them identify their favorite types of art this month!

Art with Pablo and Friends

Sign Language

Art with Pablo and Friends


Art with Pablo and Friends






Art with Pablo and Friends

Preschool 1-3


School Age


Family Connections

You can join in on the arts education fun by putting on a family play! This is such a great way for your little learner to practice the dramatic arts! You can come up with your own story or act out one of your favorites. Your child's participation will help them practice using expressive language and working cooperatively with a group!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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