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Curriculum that develops the whole child

March 2023

Welcome to our March curriculum theme, Phoebe’s Reading Corner

This month, your little learner will take a special journey into the world of books! Our March theme is Phoebe's Reading Corner, which will inspire a love of reading in your child! They'll learn about the roles of authors and illustrators, explore rhymes, and discover how reading can take them on amazing adventures! Classroom activities will expand your little learner's self-regulation skills and teach them how to use books for fact-finding!

March Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - I Love Books!

Your child will learn about authors and illustrators and review the proper way to hold a book and turn its pages!

Week 2 - Rhyme Time

Your little learner will explore stories and poems that feature rhymes and even make up their own silly rhymes in the classroom!

Week 3 - Let's Go On An Adventure!

Your little learner will discover how they can travel to exciting places when they read a book!

Week 4 - I Can Be An Expert

Your child will explore nonfiction books and learn about how these types of books teach us important facts!

Character Spotlight

Grace and Charity, our dynamic doggy duo, are leading this month’s curriculum! They teach your child that it doesn’t matter how big or small they are, it’s the size of their heart that matters! Grace and Charity also help your child understand what it means to make a positive difference through philanthropy and that helping others makes us happy! Grace and Charity can’t wait to grant wishes for deserving children in partnership with Make-A-Wish this month and guide your little learner through the excitement of Let’s Grant Wishes!


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Family Connections

You can reinforce March's curriculum concepts at home by reading with your child! We encourage you to engage your little learner as you read by asking them how a character is feeling or encouraging them to predict what will happen next in the story! Developing a habit of interactive reading with your child will not only improve their literacy skills, but also build emotional intelligence!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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