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Curriculum that develops the whole child

March 2022

Welcome to our March curriculum theme, Phoebe's World of Books

Welcome to Phoebe’s World of Books, where children will focus on our Advanced STEM-based Curriculum (ASC) to extend STEM learnings even further through the year! Little learners will be using a variety of books to conduct research, explore new topics of learning, and build their vocabulary to reinforce literacy at a young age. They will learn about how books are made, compare and contrast genres, and use critical thinking skills to sequence events in a story as they explore different forms of storytelling!

March Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - All About Books

Children will be introduced to books by learning all about the different parts of a book.

Week 2 - Genres

We will explore different genres of books while also discovering classic works of fiction.

Week 3 - Fiction Books

Each day the children will learn about different themes in books while exploring fictional literature.

Week 4 - Non-Fiction Books

Children will compare fiction and non-fiction books to learn real facts through literary research.

Week 5 - The End

Little learners will review everything they have learned this month about books!

Character Spotlight

Phoebe Phonics is the leader of our early literacy program, Phonics with Phoebe®, and instills a love of reading with each child by teaching new vocabulary words, introducing her Phonics friends, and talking about her favorite books! Phoebe can not wait to explore classic literature, reach poetry, research nonfiction text, and even create her own stories with little learners as they reinforce early childhood literacy!

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Family Connections

Early literacy can be reinforced through reading at home with the family. Read aloud to your child at home throughout the month, ask your child what their favorite book is, point out words in the grocery store to strengthen vocabulary, or take a trip to the bookstore or library to find a new book to read together as a family.

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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