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June 2023

Welcome to our June curriculum theme, Exploring Space with Lionstein

We're so excited to blast off into our TLE Summer of Happiness with our June curriculum theme, Exploring Space with Lionstein! Your little learner will embark on an outer space mission to discover the planets with their TLE Friends! As our curriculum builds through our different classrooms, little learners will explore the shapes and colors of planets, learn about the role of the sun, and discover the technology of space travel!

June Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Blast Off!

Your child will be introduced to space and astronauts!

Week 2 - Solar System

Your child will learn about our planets and what makes Earth unique!

Week 3 - Going to Outer Space

Your little learner will explore rockets and space technology!

Week 4 - Mission Accomplished

Your child will review everything they learned about space this month!

Character Spotlight

Our wise and creative scientist, Lionstein, is leading this month’s out-of-this-world adventure! Lionstein is excited to nurture your child’s natural curiosity about space through engaging curriculum activities that introduce them to the solar system, astronauts, and rocket ships! This month’s exciting curriculum theme will help your child develop a positive relationship with learning!

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Preschool 1-3


School Age


Family Connections

You can extend June's intergalactic learning opportunities at home! One fun option is to create a model of the solar system with your child using arts and crafts materials! This activity will help your little learner understand how big our galaxy is! This is also a great way to foster their creativity!

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