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Curriculum that develops the whole child

June 2022

Welcome to our June curriculum theme, Plants, Animals and Habitats

The theme for the month of June is Plants, Animals, and Habitats! Little learners are jumping into summer as they discover the outside world and the creatures that live within it! Each week, children will investigate different facets of the outdoors from plants to animals to insects to environments, and comparing these aspects will broaden their perspective on the planet in which they live! Little learners will ask themselves, “What’s the weather like outside, and what kind of clothes should I wear for today?” as well as “What kind of plants and animals live in this kind of environment?” Learning about the outdoors is a critical step in early childhood development as it gives children a chance to explore the world around them!

June Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Let's Go Outside

Children will preview what they will discover outdoors, such the weather and living things!

Week 2 - Plants

Little learners will investigate how different kinds of plants grow from a seed to flower!

Week 3 - Animals

Children will learn about different kinds of animals and the places in which they live!

Week 4 - Habitats

Children will explore different kinds of environments in which organisms live!

Week 5 - Natural Art

Little learners will create art using tools found in nature!

Character Spotlight

Our wise scientist, Lionstein, loves to show children how fun and exciting science can be! There is so much to discover and learn about the world around us, and Lionstein keeps learning interesting and engaging as he reminds little learners that we all live together in harmony on our planet! Whether it’s plants, animals, or the habitats in which they live, Lionstein is always ready to use the scientific method to analyze and conduct experiments in order to learn more!

Art with Pablo and Friends

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Preschool 1-3


Family Connections

Learning what is happening in the outside world is a critical step in early childhood development, and giving children the chance for outdoor play fosters a connection with the world them! Take a walk around the neighborhood and discover the plants and animals living in the environment! Engage your child in diverse habitats by taking them to a science museum or a zoo! Go on a nature walk through a park and compare the living things you see with ones you might find in a different habitat!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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