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Curriculum that develops the whole child

July 2022

Welcome to our July curriculum theme, Sonar's Underwater World

The theme for the month of July is Sonar’s Underwater World! Little learners are diving into our planet’s oceans to discover what mysteries are found beneath the water! Our Advanced STEM-based Curriculum (ASC) shines as children explore different oceans and compare animal and plant life within each! Ocean-themed sensory bins and dramatic play allow little learners to experience the wonders of our blue planet from the comfort and safety of the classroom while also developing social and emotional growth through dramatic play with classmates. Whether we’re exploring a coral reef or walking like a crab, there’s always an opportunity to learn while we play!

July Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Oceans

Children will take an expedition to the different oceans found on the globe!

Week 2 - Diving Deep

Little learners will compare the different kinds of animals found underwater!

Week 3 - Underwater Plants

Children will explore a coral reef and discover how plant and animal life live harmoniously.

Week 4 - What Floats

Children will investigate boats and compare different materials that sink or float!

Character Spotlight

Our adventurous friend, Sonar Submarine, can’t wait to dive into his exciting underwater world as he guides children through the wonders of our blue planet! There is so much to explore and learn about the ocean, and Sonar uses our Advanced STEM-based Curriculum (ASC) to help children become little oceanographers as they explore the oceans from the comfort and safety of the classroom! There are so many plants and animals to discover as Sonar teaches children how they all live in harmony to create a beautifully aquatic ecosystem!


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Family Connections

Not all children have seen the ocean yet, and making tangible, real-world connections to abstract concepts is an important milestone in the developmental growth of a child! Visit a body of water with your child, whether it’s the ocean itself or a pool or lake! Plan a trip to the aquarium and compare the kind of life found there as opposed to what is found in the bodies of water in your own community. Ask your child what their favorite thing about the ocean is, and what they would want to do when they visit the beach!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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