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January 2024

Welcome to our January curriculum theme, New Year, New You!

We're beginning 2024 with another exciting month of learning! Our January curriculum theme is called New Year, New You, and it is all about giving your little learner the skills and confidence to be whoever they choose to be!

In the classrooms this month, your little one will learn about healthy habits, caring for oneself and others, and goal-setting!

January Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Infants and Toddlers

  • Exploring how to care for others through play with baby dolls 
  • Learning about the importance of habits

Twaddlers and Preppers

  • Understanding responsibility through tasks with classmates 
  • Exploring healthy foods


  • Developing new techniques to take care of themselves 
  • Discovering the importance of responsibility

Character Spotlight

Our resident yogi, Om Octopus, and our amazing artist, Pablo Pigasso, will help your little learner develop their sense of responsibility and gain new, independent skills this month!

These friends are also excited to share the importance of self-care and healthy habits with your little one!

Sign Language









Preschool 1-3


Family Connections

You can extend our New Year, New You curriculum concepts at home by making up yoga poses with your child! This energetic activity can help your little learner get excited about leading a healthy lifestyle! Plus, practicing yoga is a great self-care technique your little learner can use to find their calm!

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