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Curriculum that develops the whole child

January 2023

Welcome to our January curriculum theme, Five Senses with Gibby

It's time for sensory exploration! This month, your child will love learning about how their body helps them see, hear, touch, smell, and taste as they discover the five senses! They'll engage in hands-on activities and fun experiments that involve the senses - like touching items with different textures and comparing different sounds! This January, they'll also acquire new vocabulary words to describe these sensory experiences!

January Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - My Sense of Sight

Your child will discuss what they can see in their community, engage in color exploration activities, and more!

Week 2 - My Sense of Hearing

Your little learner will compare different sounds and learn about hearing assistive technology!

Week 3 - My Sense of Touch

Your child will engage in texture experiments as they explore smooth, bumpy, squishy, and rough items.

Week 4 - My Sense of Smell & Taste

Your little learner will use new vocabulary words to describe different smells and tastes during fun activities!

Character Spotlight

Gibby Gibbon is leading your child in this month’s curriculum! Our tiny but mighty friend, Gibby, was born deaf and uses a cochlear implant. This month, he’s happy to share how some friends experience the five senses in ways that might be different from how your little learner experiences them! Gibby teaches your child that everyone is unique in their own, special way!


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Preschool 1-3


School Age


Family Connections

You can reinforce January's curriculum concepts by hosting a Five Senses Scavenger Hunt! You can go outside or explore your home with this activity! Challenge your child to identify something they can see, something they can hear, something they can smell, something they can taste, and something they can touch! This game will help your child practice applying what they've learned about the senses to their own environment.

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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