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Curriculum that develops the whole child

January 2022

Welcome to our January curriculum theme, Creative Me

This month, our little learners will engage in hands-on explorations that encompass every element of STEM. They will take on the role of scientists, software developers, engineers, and mathematicians as they conduct experiments, explore technological devices, and build emergent numeracy skills. The month culminates with a TLE science fair in which the children are invited to share their research and findings with their peers.

January Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - STEM Jobs

Children will take on the role of a scientist, software developer, engineer, and mathematician.

Week 2 - Inventions

Children will learn about the evolution of phones, electricity, modes of transportation, and cameras.

Week 3 - TLE Science Fair

Our little scientists will explore with gravity, physical and chemical changes, force and motion, and magnetism.

Week 4 - Weather

Children will transform into meteorologists as they learn about sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, and stormy weather.

Character Spotlight

TechniCal and Two Plus Toucan are so excited to take the little learners on a STEM-based journey this month. TechniCal is our resident technology expert, and he is passionate about coding and devices of all kinds. Two Plus Toucan teaches our children about math, patterning, counting, and everything in between!

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Family Connections

STEM is the integrated exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Bring STEM into your home by engaging your child in activities that promote critical thinking and hands-on learning. Take a trip to your local science museum, conduct an experiment with household items, or allow your child to build with recycled materials. The sky is the limit when it comes to STEM-based activities!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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