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December 2023

Welcome to our December curriculum theme, Celebrating You!

We're celebrating the wonder within us all during our December curriculum theme, Celebrating You!

This month, your little one will learn about family traditions, traditional foods, music from around the world, and, of course, celebrations! These focuses will help your little learner strengthen their collaboration skills and celebrate what makes us all unique!

December Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Infants and Toddlers

  • Exploring the sounds of celebration 
  • Investigating items related to holiday traditions 

Twaddlers and Preppers

  • Strengthening collaboration skills through pretend play 
  • Identifying items related to different traditions and celebrations


  • Exploring the value and purpose of celebrations 
  • Learning about different cultures and traditions 

Character Spotlight

Your child's friends Tito Toro and Ping Panda will guide them through this month's curriculum!

Tito and Ping love sharing their traditions, languages, and cultures with others! This month, they'll help your little learner explore different ways of life!

Sign Language









Preschool 1-3


Family Connections

You can extend this month's curriculum concepts at home by creating a family photo collage with your little learner! As you make your collage, you can talk to your child about the family members and traditions represented in your photos! This activity will help your little one apply what they've learned about celebrating what makes us unique!

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