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December 2022

Welcome to our December curriculum theme, Two Plus Toucan's Weather Report

Our December curriculum theme is Two Plus Toucan's Weather Report! This month, your child will become a little meteorologist as they explore weather and seasons with their TLE friends! They'll participate in fun experiments and hands-on exploration activities that will help them understand how heat, rain, snow, and wind work! This December, they'll also learn how to dress and prepare for different types of weather!

December Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Sunny Days

Your child will discover how the sun warms our planet and helps create shadows!

Week 2 - Rainy Days

Your child will learn about water and clouds through play!

Week 3 - Windy Days

Your little learner will engage in lots of experiments to explore the impacts of wind and air!

Week 4 - Snowy Days

Your child will discuss how to stay warm when it's snowy and uncover how ice works!

Character Spotlight

Our creative mathematician, Two Plus Toucan, is taking center stage for this month’s curriculum! He loves sharing the joy of math with little learners! This month, he’ll help your child use their math skills to sequence how weather develops. He’ll even lead them in tracking and charting weather patterns!

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Preschool 1-3


School Age


Family Connections

You can reinforce December's curriculum concepts at home by creating a weather journal with your child! Each day, you can go outside together and observe what the weather feels and looks like. Then, you can draw or write about your findings in your journal! When the month is finished, you can look back at how the weather changed through your recordings!

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