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December 2021

Welcome to our December curriculum theme, Blast Off

3, 2, 1,…BLAST OFF! This month, our little astronauts are launching into a month full of STEM explorations. Children will travel through the solar system as they explore the planets, discover stars, design their own rocket ships, create space suits, and even visit the Space Station! With our scientific guide Lionstein leading the way, children will conduct gravity experiments, collect data about the planets, explore Earth and space technology, and be introduced to aerospace science!

December Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Searching for Stars

Children will create their own telescopes as they explore stars and constellations.

Week 2 - Our Eight Planets

Children will “visit” the planets, conduct gravity experiments, and learn how each planet is unique.

Week 3 - Mission Control

Children will design their own rocket ships, create space suits, and even visit the Space Station!

Week 4 - The Moon

Children will discover the phases of the moon and the role the moon plays in our daily routines!

Week 5 - The Sun

Children will learn about our amazing sun, discover what shadows are, and conduct heat experiments!

Character Spotlight

This month, Lionstein is so excited to remind our TLE friends that anyone can be an astronaut! This science-loving lion will take the little learners on a space expedition as they zoom among the stars, visit planets, and learn about the sun and moon. Lionstein is the perfect guide because he is passionate about concepts such as gravity, force and motion, and Earth science.

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Preschool 1-3


Family Connections

Outer space is filled with mysteries, which provides children with the perfect opportunity to ask questions. Spend some time as a family looking up at the sky. Does your little one see clouds and/or the sun during the day? Is your night sky filled with twinkly stars and a crescent moon? Spending time making observations about our universe is a great way to get the whole family involved in the exploration of science.

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