Infant Education Curriculum - Overview | The Learning Center
Our groundbreaking

L.E.A.P.® Curriculum

for infants

Our early childhood education program for infants has been developed and improved over 40 years. Our proprietary L.E.A.P. Curriculum for infants includes American Sign Language and other developmentally appropriate lessons taught by our loving infant educators and care givers.
Together these programs, along with enrichment programs that are offered at no additional charge, provide a well-rounded education—one that’s developed to meet national standards and proven to get children on the path to a bright future.

Our approach to infant development (6 weeks to 1 year old)

During infancy, children develop motor skills, experience tummy time, explore and learn through interaction with their teachers. Our caregivers for infants use this opportunity to work on stretches, leg movements, and ensuring the children are practicing hand-eye coordination in order to prepare themselves for the next stages of early childhood development.

As they reach late infancy, our caregivers work with children to develop those core muscles. They’re learning to crawl, express their emotions, and move their legs and arms. Cognitively, they are learning to identify and recognize family members and caregivers as they walk into the room. They’re even learning to produce those first adorable babbling sounds we love to hear.

What our curriculum for infants includes

  • Our infant curriculum starts with regular playtime including belly and music time, exploration, stimulation, as well as nap and feeding times that we keep consistent with your baby’s individual schedule.
  • Sign language is introduced to increase early advancement in children’s ability to communicate.
  • All infants have their own personal cubby and crib.
  • Private and clean nursing rooms equipped with gliders are provided for mothers that wish to nurse at the center.
  • A 14-step diaper changing procedure is strictly adhered to.
  • Toys, gliders, cribs and changing stations are sanitized daily.

The Bubbles and Friends app

We offer an easy-to-use smartphone app that hosts all things TLE, and keeps parents connected to what’s happening throughout their child’s day. This includes access to chat with their center, check tuition balances, and review child’s activities and photo gallery. Plus, access to all the Bubbles and Friends episodes, in addition to fun and educational games, to soar children’s imagination and creativity!

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