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New Tampa

20780 Trout Creek Dr.
Tampa, FL, 33647


Monday - Friday
06:30AM - 06:30PM
Ages 6 weeks to 6 years

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From preschool through kindergarten, we make early education and daycare joyful, engaging and fun so children are happy to learn, play and grow.

Our team members

Dana Dooley, Center Director

I have many years experience in the Early Childhood Education field. I have worked with many different age groups and always was looking for ways to grow in my field.…

What sets our TLE® Centers apart

TLE® centers are vibrant, joyous place where kids love to learn and indulge their curiosity. Take a look inside.

We love hearing from our happy parents

Parents are such an important part of The Learning Experience family. We love hearing from them–especially when they share with us the growth and learning they see in their children!


Oct 07:  Learning Bag 🐥🐖🐑   

Bring in a farm animal toy or a picture of Read More Bring in a farm animal toy or a picture of a farm animal. 🐥🐖🐑 Read less

Oct 14:  Learning Bag   

Bring in an item you would find on a farm! Read More Bring in an item you would find on a farm! 🧹🏠 Read less


Characters that bring learning to life

Designed for six stages of early development

Our curriculum is specially designed and created to focus on each of the six early stages of development: Infant, Toddler, Twaddler, Prepper, Preschooler and Kindergartener.

Built with your child’s needs in mind

At each TLE® Center, every detail was picked deliberately — and plays a key part. Together, they inspire a child’s natural curiosity and creativity, and create an overall environment where children feel comfortable, safe and ready to learn.

Committed to innovation in childcare

Since 1980, The Learning Experience® founders the Weissman family have worked to develop and implement childcare and early education programs that are innovative, ground-breaking and built upon three key principles: Learn, Play and Grow.