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Curriculum that develops the whole child

August 2022

Welcome to our August curriculum theme, The Great Outdoors

We're concluding the Summer of Happiness at The Learning Experience with our curriculum theme for the month of August: The Great Outdoors! Little learners will be encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to embark on a camping adventure! August's curriculum is designed to strengthen key developmental concepts like cooperation, planning, and setting goals as children work together to brainstorm and bring their special trip to life! Little learners will acquire Advanced STEM-based skills as they explore woodland ecosystems and investigate critters like fireflies, ants, and beetles! Camping activities like telling stories, playing with shadow puppets, and more make learning this month so much fun!

August Curriculum Developmental Benefits

Week 1 - Let's Pack

Little learners will plan their journey into the woods by deciding what to pack, where to go, and more!

Week 2 - Camping

Children will use arts and crafts to design and create tents and more for their fun camping trip!

Week 3 - Hiking

Children will explore bodies of water and woodland animals!

Week 4 - Insects in the Woods

Little learners will use their science skills to investigate critters like fireflies, ants, and beetles!

Week 5 - Around the Campfire

Children will tell campfire stories, play with shadow puppets, and more to wrap up their learning this month!

Character Spotlight

Our lovable friend Bubbles the Elephant is guiding your little learner through this month’s theme! Bubbles learns right alongside your child each day as he takes them on their daily journey in the classroom! Bubbles has a positive attitude and a love of learning, and this month he will make the little ones excited and passionate about discovering new things! Bubbles will play a special role in this month’s Advanced STEM-based Curriculum by helping your child develop their critical thinking skills to explore their school, families, and themselves!

Art with Pablo and Friends

Sign Language

Art with Pablo and Friends


Out Side
Art with Pablo and Friends







Preschool 1-3


School Age


Family Connections

This month's theme presents an amazing opportunity to explore The Great Outdoors with your child! We encourage you to take a nature walk with your little one so they can show off all their new outdoor knowledge! Ask them to point out the different bugs or animals you may see. You could even bring along a magnifying glass to closely examine the critters and plant life you encounter along the way!

Curriculum that develops the whole child
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