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Would you like to build a healthy snowman treat?
The TLE Team
Would you like to build a healthy snowman treat?

It is holiday season! Do you know what that means? It means I get to share and give my time to others. I love getting ready to spend quality time with my friends and family. At The Learning Experience, our proprietary Philanthropy Curriculum teaches children the value of selflessness and generosity. This is why I donate through Toys for Tots every holiday season. Donating is only part of the fun of the holiday season. The fun continues at home with indoor activities. When I can’t go play because of the snowy weather outside, I get to do fun activities inside. One of my favorite activities is to help around the house and around the kitchen. Whether you live in sunny warm weather or in the snowy northeast, you and your child can create and eat your own yummy healthy snowman snack! Follow the recipe below.

Ingredients (for one healthy snowman or snowwoman snack):

  • 3 thick slices of banana – This will be the body
  • 1 pretzel stick (broken in half) – These will be the arms
  • 1 apple wedge and 1 grape – This will be the hat/beanie
  • Several mini chocolate chips or small raisins – Use these for the eyes, nose and buttons
  • To get it all lined up properly, you will also want a skewer.

1. On a plate, line up the banana slices to build up the body of the snowman.
2. Add a piece of the pretzel to each side of the snowman to give the snowman arms.
3. Place mini chocolate chips or raisins on the banana slices for eyes, a nose and buttons
4. Place a small apple wedge for the hat/beanie and a grape for the top of it to cover the exposed tip. Viola! You are done!

*Bonus – You can get creative with adding other elements. For instance, if your children think the snowman is missing a nose, you can easily create a small sliver of a carrot in the center of the snowman’s face. Or you can get creative and use other pieces of fruits and veggies and decorate your snowman with boots, mittens or a scarf.

*An adult should oversee all recipes and activities.  Recipes and activities may not be appropriate for all ages.

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