How to Offer On-Site Childcare Solutions | The Learning Center

Why invest in TLE®

TLE® is recognized for being effective and innovative in our field, from the teaching we provide at TLE® Centers to our plans for expansion and growing. This is your opportunity to be part of an amazing brand dedicated to making a positive difference in children’s lives as they learn, play and grow with us.

Our proprietary programming

The curriculum and enrichment programs we offer were developed over decades to be some of the most innovative and effective in early education.

The industry growth performance

The childcare industry has demonstrated consistent, steady growth—and shows promise to keep growing.

Our work and family centers

We partner with respected corporations to offer their employees discounts and incentives to give their children a top-quality early education at TLE®.

Our growth strategy

TLE® will continue to grow by increasing the number of nationwide centers.

Our approach is to open centers in densely populated metro markets in the U.S., and to cluster new center openings in these markets to increase brand awareness and revenue. When searching for a new center location, our Real Estate Department focuses its demographic review on the following information:

  • The Cost of Real Estate
  • Competitive Tuition Cost Analysis in the Area
  • Density of the Population in the Area
  • The Working Population
Our typical family is middle to upper class with an average annual household income of more than $75,000. Once site selection is complete, the highly experienced TLE® Executive team begins to coordinate development of the site, architectural and construction efforts, marketing efforts, and more.

International expansion

Management has experience developing locations in foreign countries with its predecessor company and intends to leverage the TLE® brand by partnering with international investors. With no marketing efforts, there has been significant interest from prospects in countries including the United Kingdom, where TLE® has planned expansion in their growing childcare market.