The Learning Experience Academies of Early Education are places where children and families have been coming to learn, play and grow for more than a decade. is a place for families to share their own experiences at TLE. We want to hear how we're making an impact on your family. Please share your TLE story below and let us know what you love about The Learning Experience!

I have sent my child to The Learning Experience in Matawan for 3 years. I could not imagine sending her any where else. My child loves to go to school, and that is very important to instill a love of learning before entering elementary school. She has gained so much knowledge, I know she will be ahead of the game when she does begin Kindergarten. The staff and administration are top notch. I am deeply impressed with their academic programs, daily summer camp activities, and monthly fundraising events. This daycare/school exceeds my expectations. Therefore, I highly recommend The Learning Experience of Matawan.

Rich B.

My Grandson began his preschool education at The Eastvale Learning Experience as an infant four years ago. As we watched our precious little guy grow and learn in the hands of the professional staff his parents and I were impressed with his love of learning and support during each stage. I was impressed when we were having difficulty getting him to take his medecine. Michelle actually got him to take it himself!! Today he is in Junior Kindergarten and is very well prepared for the academics in a prestigious private preparatory school. He is in the higher reading and math levels and rewarded for his attitude toward learning and his respect for his teachers! Thank you TLE for offering a great start on his educational path! We will check back with you occasionally. Sincerely, Grandma Jere

Jeredith T.

Hi Surbhi! While Scarlett begins to transition to preppers, I just want to let you know how much we have loved having Mr. Mike and Ms. Kat as Scarlett's teachers. They are so great, and Scarlett lights up every time she sees them and you can tell she really enjoys spending time with them. We are really sad to be leaving them, although Scarlett will learn more in a classroom for a little older kids I know she'll be sad to leave them as well. We just wanted to let you know how great they are! Leslie


My daughter has been going here going on her second year ! Her teachers Ms Allie and Ms Karen are absolutely great and awesome with her ! It is so orgnaize and clean and kids are very well looked after ! I dont trust my child with anyone but i do trust her here at the sewell learning experience ! I love the staff and teachers everyone is so friendly and helpful !


Maya Whittier's last day at TLE was this past Friday. I wanted to let you know that we have been very pleased with the care and learning Maya received while attending TLE Bella Terra before and after school during her kindergarten and first grade years and summers in between. She has grown and learned tons ! Special thanks to Miss Cindi for her solid care and nurturing to Maya while she has attended TLE. Miss Cindi seemed to provide the right amount of kindness and direction that Maya needs as she has grown to be a polite, sweet and smart child.

Bob W. & Pilar G.

My son has been going here for 3 months and we have nothing but positive things to say. First off we came from another facility that was lacking in almost every area of childcare so we were skeptical about sending our child to the same franchise. However, after sitting down with Ms. Trish & Mr. Nico, our fears quickly turned to excitement. The communication that the staff delivers via email, phone, or simple word of mouth is exceptional. The staff truly cares about the kids and the parents. They even go the extra mile letting you know if there is unusual traffic or congestion in the area so you can adjust your pickup/drop off route accordingly. The teachers are great, and they have no problem reinforcing vocabulary, potty training, and much more


Our daughter came to The Learning Experience almost a year ago. We are so happy to have found this wonderful facility with quality care. From the day we walked foot into The Learning Experience we knew our child would be in great hands. The teachers take a real interest in the kids and gives us a piece of mind knowing she is in the best care. She has learned sign language, she loves the flexi flamingo yoga, and her vocabulary has taken off! You feel so welcomed from day one like you are a part of the family, thank you Sara!

Keri A.

When Owen was 12 weeks old we took him to a homecare provider. After many days of uncertainty, and the worries of not knowing his exact whereabouts at all times, we decided to look for a daycare center. After many searches and tours, we fell in love with The Learning Experience in Fishhawk. The staff there is amazing. From day one, they have treated him as if he were there own. We wouldn't want Owen anywhere else!

Kelly P.

My son has been at TLE Matawan for4 months. The staff is great. When there is an issue they work with you to come up with a solution. When my son first started he would cry right when my husband left him in his room. They came up with the idea to have him say goodbye to my husband at the front and have whoever is there walk him to his room. It worked. He says goodbye to everyone when we go home. He never did that at his old school. We'll be walking in the hallway and everyone says hi to him. I highly recommend TLE Matawan if you are looking for a preschool for your child.

Kelly S.

We struggled with the thought of bringing our son to a daycare facility. He was with Nanny since he was 3 months old. He was just shy of 14 months old when we brought him to TLE. We made the best decision of our lives. Within the first week he started to walk and his social skills are off the charts! His teachers are so loving and caring and give us a full report card everyday. The owner treats our son like he is her own. I could not ask for a better experience. Knowing that my son is safe and learning everyday allows me to have peace of mind at a very high stress job. Thank you TLE!!

Courtney B.

I am thrilled to write about The Learning Experience of Matawan. I have sent my daughter there for 3 years, so I feel that I know the school very well. When I first sent my daughter to daycare at one year old, we chose one a little closer to home and that was a huge mistake. My husband and I pulled her out of the school after 6 weeks. I was disgusted with daycare and didn’t want to send my daughter to another one. However, then we found The Learning Experience of Matawan and my fears vanished. I could tell right away that The Learning Experience of Matawan was a loving and nurturing environment, and I wasn’t wrong. After my last daycare experience, I would call TLE every day to check on my daughter, and they were reassuring and kind to me. I could see the difference in my daughter compared to the other school. When I picked her up from the other school, she would cry. When I picked her up from The Learning Experience of Matawan, she was smiling and happy. One of the huge reasons is because of the staff. The staff are always bubbly, happy, kind, caring, and fun. They always greet children and parents as they enter the building. My daughter runs up to her past and present teachers for hugs. As a mother, I want my daughter to feel encouraged, nurtured, and loved, and she receives that everyday at TLE-Matawan. The administration is no exception. They are always visible and available. I have recently had surgery, and have gone out of their way to help my family and I. As someone who works in public education, I see the difference that The Learning Experience of Matawan makes with each child. They provide an excellent curriculum that facilitates growth in all educational areas. I am so impressed with all the knowledge my daugher possesses. I love the enrichment education she has received. This includes the L.E.A.P. Curriculum (Learning Experience Academic Program). My daugher has so much fun with the L.E.A.P. Interactive boards that use touch-screen technology and interactive learning games to further enhance her education. My daughter has learned sign language, phonics, foreign language, manners and etiquette, physical fitness, and philanthropy which teaches children the value of selflessness and giving. I love all the charity work they do at TLE, including working with Make-A-Wish, helping families in need, breast cancer, and more. Every month they have a charity or a philanthropy giving event. I am impressed with their enrichment kit programs that are provided extra with no additional cost. My daughter has learned music, math, science, dance, Yoga, performing arts, and physical fitness and is able to take home her kit at the end of the session. She has received kits in theater, dance, Yoga, music, and more! As someone who has a strong appreciation for the arts, I love this extra education. Once my daughter was potty trained, she was able to go into Make Believe Boulevard®, a miniature Main Street, USA. I love this interactive classroom designed to develop and expand socio-dramatic play amongst children. As an occupational therapist who works with children, working on these skills are very important to me. Also, as a pediatric OT, I love how TLE Matawan facilitates various developmental skills, such as speech, fine motor, visual perceptual, visual motor, and gross motor skills. The staff assesses these skills to ensure developmental progression. When my daughter received early intervention speech therapy, the teachers worked with the speech therapist at the daycare to increase her speech. We saw tremendous improvement with everyone in her life on the “same page” and using the techniques. As a working mom, I love that I can bring my daughter to TLE-Matawan and I know that she will be provided with a healthy lunch! I don’t have to worry about making her lunch everyday. My daughter loves the lunch that is provided at TLE-Matawan. She often will ask for seconds and thirds! I highly recommend The Learning Experience of Matawan. There is no place I would rather bring my daughter everyday. I feel truly blessed that my daughter has them in her life. Thank you.

Denise D.

At a previous preschool, my son would cry every day and did not want to go to school. Since starting TLE at Fishhawk he has not cried - EVER! - unless I tell him that its not a school day! This makes my heart so happy that he LOVES going to school here! Worth every penny!

Rachel C.

TLE Coppell is not just a place to leave your child during the day, it is a home away from home. My two children attended TLE and I absolutely loved the owner, the teachers and all of the families we met during our time there. They were comfortable and loved everyday at "the Bubble school" (Bubble the Elephant is the school mascot). They learned how to socialize with their peers and they also learned manners and how to use them appropriately in a group setting. As an educator myself, I feel it is so important for kids to learn HOW to socialize and behave properly at school before they are introduced to the social setting of an elementary school. I am so grateful to have had a place like this where my kids could feel safe and grow alongside their peers.

Akemi S.

Hi, I just wanted to inform you that July 31st will be Nzoi's last day at TLE. She has had a wonderful experience with you and she will definitely miss her classmates and awesomely dedicated instructors. We will recommend your program to anyone looking for exemplary child care and early education. Thank you again, Siwatu Moore

Siwatu M.

My daughter has attended TLE Fishhawk for a year now and she has made many great advancements. She has adored everyone of her teachers and loves the changing curriculum. I'm glad that I chose TLE over the many other schools in the area!! Thank you to all the staff.

Britt M.

As we begin to wrap up our time at TLE - we wanted to express our sincere gratitude to TLE of North Bergen for all that they do for our son. They are truly loving/carrying people and this is all because of their Owner/Director Bina. Thank You!

Brian T.

Hi Surbhi and Susan, Thank you again for taking such good care of Oliver during his time at TLE. I just wanted to say that everyone was great, but there were a few people that I wanted to single out as going above and beyond: Yerica, Drema, Lauren, and Yudi were amazing! We were grateful to know that our little guy was in good hands with teachers that were so attentive and dedicated. I was planning on bringing thank you cards for the staff on his last day, but I forgot them in the chaos of the move. I'll be sending them to your offices in the next week or two. We'll visit next time we're in New York! Best, Gloria

Gloria T.

I have been using The Learning Experience for over 10 years for my children. The teachers are so wonderful and the owners are great. I never had to worry about my children while I was at work. They learned so much and made great friends! My daughter graduates today. She is going to miss her daycare and all of the wonderful people. I recommend this daycare to every parent, who is looking for great, loving care for their little ones.

Carin D.

I want to tell you a BIG thank you for Derrick's new teacher assignment. The stability is great but I have to tell you how much I love his teachers. A grade A++. These teachers have really been helping my son and goes the extra mile to give him one on one attention without request and without making me feel like he is behind. Within the past three weeks we can clearly see a vast improvement in his language communication, letter and number recognitions. He is now using multiple word sentences which we were not hearing. The Prepper teachers are just wonderful. Adding Miss Yudi and Miss Lauren to his teachers list is key to his vast development. Thank you. Shelly Ann Aiken


My son Nicholas has been at TLE since he was 4 months, he is now 2, and I could not be happier with the center, teachers and curriculum. I love to see the genuine care that the teachers show every day, it is very reassuring, i know my son is in a caring, loving environment. I now have my daughter enrolled in the infant room and I also feel the same peace of mind, the teachers are nurturing and truly care. I am also very happy with the new management team, I have seen positive improvements and changes that are making the center even better.

Agnes F.

I have to say that TLE N Brunswick has meet all my expectations. In just 2 weeks of being new to the Center, the staff and administrators are VERY caring and LOVING and do everything possible to make my son feel at ease. He has made new friends, and LOVES his new teachers. A Special Thank You to Mrs Payal Mrs Leah Mrs Lindsey And Their Staff for Loving and Caring for my Prince!! You Guys are the BEST!!!

maria S.

I had kept my older two children out of daycare because a bad previous experience, but when I changed jobs after having my third child, I knew I would have to find a place for her before she started school. It was one of the best decisions I have made. All her teachers over the years have been absolutely wonderful, the curriculum is awesome, and she has been socially and academically prepared for kindergarten and beyond. We love TLE!

Ashley S.

At nearly two, Brayden and Mommy have never been apart since birth. Making a transition to daycare, with all the new friends, teachers, and things to do has been something we looked forward to. We did not anticipate just how hard being apart would actually be for us though. There were many tears (maybe even more from Mommy than from Brayden), but the staff at the Toms River TLE has been SO amazing. Shannon and Lori have MORE than reassured Mom and Dad. His Toddler classroom teachers have been so incredibly patient and understanding! As someone who has never left my child in anyone else's care more than two times, I honestly can say that I feel so good in our choice with TLE Toms River....especially after we looked at many others in the area. This is the right place, the right people, and the best environment for our son.

Lissa G.

We've had a wonderful experience here. The teachers and staff make you feel like you're part of the family. They've embraced us and always make us feel very comfortable having our kids there! The turnover is very low compared to others in the area and it has a very small town feel that we love!

Sara P.

Great facility with excellent staff.

Sabeen S.

We love the teachers and all the staff!

Lisa A.

Super clean, friendly, and flexible school. The staff is great and correspondence is also top notch.

Gabe H.

Friendly staff and learning program.

John E.

Where do I start... Since the moment we walked in we were speechless. This school is so well taken care and pretty ! You can see the spotless floors and everything smelling like fresh Lysol. The teachers and staff are extremely nice ! Not one complaint. I am so happy and grateful for this school my daughter loves attending. Miss Ariana Lincheta & Miss Martha Gastelu are excellent people they try to help as much of their abilities ! They were nice and pleasant and did everything possible to help us. In in love with this school & staff ! I hands down recommend this school to anyone.. I leave my daughter their with no worries whats so ever!! Miss Ariana Lincheta is marvelous person! She definitely made this new process easy and fun.

Marisely S.

Our son started Pre-K at TLE August of 2016, this was our first ever experience with school so we were nervous going in. Now it is June 2017 and my son is getting ready to graduate in just a few days and i must say i am very pleased with all that he accomplished at this center, he is leaving this school feeling very proud and ready for Kindergarten all beacuse of their awesome teaching and curriculum . The staff here really helped my son feel comfortable, especially his teacher Mrs. Alissar. She is the best, she made a great impact on me and my child. If i could give her five precious golden stars to take home i would, she is so patient and loving. She takes care of my kid as if he was her own, my son is already crying because doesnt want to leave his teacher. If i could recommend Mrs. Alissar to everyone i would, she is absolutely amazing.

Janele C.

Our daughter has been going to TLE for about 8 months. She started in the infant room and now is Toddler A and moving to Toddler B this month. She enjoys seeing her friends. I love to see her art activities and enjoy seeing her pictures through the app.

Jennifer B.

My son attends pre-school here and he has grown so much from this center. He started attending after always being cared for with a nanny or myself being home. When we thought it was time for him to start school, The Learning Experience was such a great fit. He started in there Twaddler room, which is there was of saying older 2 year old room. Yes of course the first week or so was a bit rough on both mom and baby being dropped off. But the staff made the transition so easy for it to happen. Now my son has an amazing vocabulary and learning how to write. The center director ,assistant director, and staff are some of the most caring and loving people. This really makes you feel happy and secure that your child will be somewhere that they actually care and get to know the child, not just it being a job. As parents we want the best for our children and The Learning Experience makes you feel better about them being in someone elses care for the day.

Caitlin S.

So our son has been attending TLE in Lemont since he was a baby, and he is now almost 5. Every time he graduates to a new classroom, we are saddened because the last teacher was so wonderful we didn't think she could be beat. But- after a few short days we realize that his new teacher seems to be as good or even better than the last! How can you top the best? Well, the entire staff is top notch. I've never seen so many caring teachers and caregivers who are passionate about the kids. From director Ms. Mindy all the way down, our minds are at ease knowing that our son is in good hands. Strong recommendation for TLE/Lemont!

Andrew K.

My wife and I have seen a awesome change in our son since attending TLE. His cognitive and social skills are improved and the staff is friendly and attentive. Great place!

Randall P.

My son loves this place and has had nothing but great experiences here at the TLE in Humble. The staff is amazing! You can tell that the teachers genuinely love what they do - cultivating the minds of our little people. Choosing this location was one of the best decisions that I have made. If you are looking for a place that is going to love and nurture your child, look no further! Take the leap! Sign up for a tour and see for yourself.

Marcita G.

TLE is an exceptional place of learning and love for my two young children. The dedicated and experienced teachers,director and owner have surpassed all my expectations of child care I am incredibly grateful for their knowledge and care for my boys. I would highly recommend them to anyone! I am blessed to have them in my life and the life of my most precious gift,my children.


Our time at The Learning Experience has been wonderful. The staff are like family and they will truly be missed. I appreciate all that TLE has done for Harlow to foster her love for learning. On a daily basis she energetically sings her days of the week (boom boom) and the months of the year. We had struggles with some of her colors but now she knows them all. She counts further than she used to, and she has become better at sharing. Thank you for being her second family while we were at work. It was not easy seeking out a program that I felt comfortable with. Harlow had never been in a formal group setting prior to her enrollment at TLE and I was quite nervous about how she would respond. More importantly, my main concern was ensuring that she would be safe. TLE has been that blessing that we were looking for from the time we visited in September. I have left the facility every day knowing that she is in good hands. Continue to do the amazing work that you are doing with the children in your care. I wish you continued success. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Natachia

Natachia P.

My daughter has been going to The Learning Experience since the age of 2. She is now 5. She has so much fun while learning at the same time. The staff is so amazing and it great to know she is in great hands. I would not bring her anywhere else!

Kelly T.

I wanted to take this time out and write a review for the most wonderful academy and staff I have ever come across. You all deserve a standing ovation. I am blessed to have found you for my children. What an impeccable facility. Always caring, extremely clean, and can do positive attitude every single time you see them 365 days a year!! I am so grateful for everything you do not only for my children but for all the children here. You make the world a beautiful place to live in and I absolutely adore each and every one of you. Keep it up!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mehwish J.

The teachers are AMAZING! They all love my children like they are their own. They teach the whole child and truly have become a part of our family!!! I wouldn't have my children at any other center!!

Kim D.

I absolutely love TLE Doylestown! I cannot imagine my girls anywhere else because this is way more than a school or a daycare center. TLE, Doylestown is truly an extended family. The owner, directors, and staff are exceptional. I am a teacher, so I value education and learning "the academics", but what is more valuable in today's world is learning how to become a person full of love, compassion, empathy, cooperation, responsibility, forgiveness, and the essential values of life. This is the priceless education my girls get each and every day coupled with the fantastic curriculum. I will never be able to express my gratitude to the TLE family enough. My kids deserve the BEST and that is just what we have---- the BEST!!!! Thank you, TLE Doylestown!!!

Brittanie A.

The teachers are so kind and the entire staff knows my son and are so loving!

Kristen R.

My son has been attending since he was 8 weeks old. We have always felt so comfortable here. The staff is wonderful and so caring.

Sarah S.

My husband and I are very happy/please with this school. All the teachers and staff are very passionate about their work. It feels like family. We could not make a better decision sending our kids to TLE Old Bridge.

Kelly R.

We needed a daycare center we could rely on & instantly loved the clean, stimulating environment we walked into at TLE. Our son cried the first couple days as we transitioned him from an in home daycare at 18 months. After that he didn't even care that mommy was gone. It takes a lot to trust your child's life with people you don't know, but they put both my son & I at ease. They welcome parent involvement, accommodate special learning needs & truly want the best for your children. My son is getting a special ed teacher from the county because he wasn't saying more than mama & dada at almost 2 & within 3 weeks, he has at least 20 words!!! The staff are so good at helping him & I trust them all with my little man. I can't thank them enough for all they've done for my little family.

The H.

When my twin girls were three months, it was time to head back to work. I was nervous about childcare and how I would balance it all. The administration and especially the caring teachers (Dina, Debbie, Michelle and Andrea amongst all the other wonderful women I see day in and day out) put me at ease that first, difficult week. Since then, my girls are SO happy and well taken care of each day. TLE exudes warmth, safety, creativity and happiness. We made the best decision! Thanks for all you do!

Abbie R.

My son started going to TLE in Westampton when he was 18 months old. I knew I loved it as soon as I walked through the doors. It was so bright, so colorful and so clean. The administration and teachers are so friendly and address any concerns my husband and I have. My son is now four, and he loves it. He has learned so much. My 3 year old daughter can't wait to go!


The Learning Experience is a place that I highly would recommend! Being first time parents, we wanted to ensure that we found a great fit for our son, who started with TLE at 6 months. We set up several tours, and decided on TLE, because we were impressed with the cleanliness, a clearly stated curriculum that involved both sign language and spanish, the bright, open, and colorful rooms, and loved how the owner took her time to explain how they worked, and what to expect so that we felt very comfortable leaving our son in their care. The staff is CPR certified, SIDS certified and have an Early Childhood Education background. They have indoor and outdoor areas for play. The outside area is covered and has plenty of equipment. Inside, they have a play room that looks like a little town with a slide for rainy days. We've been beyond thrilled with our decision. Each time you go to pick up your child, you have a key fab to open the secured doors, safety is big here. When you see your child in the classroom, the teachers always seem to be very involved. They don't sit back and just let your child play. Numerous times I walked in to the teacher holding my son, with his head on her shoulder, as happy as can be. This showed me she truly loved her job, and that he felt safe and secure in her arms. I also walked in to find her singing the wheels on the bus, as they danced and did hand signals, art time, and outdoor play. At the end of the day, you get a sheet that explains what your child did for the day. This includes the food they ate, and amount, their potty breaks, nap time, what they were learning that day, sign language for the week, anything needed from the parent to bring in like diapers or wipes, and their mood for the day. The learning section was always impressive to me. It is very detailed and my son seems to be ahead of the curve learning wise, which I can thank TLE for. As far as the price goes, it falls in line with others in the area, and the location is conveniently off of Glenwood Avenue, or the back way, Leesville Road. The owner, Ms. Jane has made this place what it is with love and heart. Jane knows every child and parents name, and has an open door policy. She can be seen in the classrooms, outside, and in the hallways. Having a visible owner who is involved is important to us. Being at TLE has made me feel like a part of a big family. Ms. Jane and the teachers very much love their children as if they are their own. Parents and staff are all a team, and the relationships built here are genuine. Obviously, I cannot say enough great things about this daycare. I have very high expectations when it comes to care for my son, which is why I felt the need to express my happiness here. Thank you to TLE for meeting and surpassing my expectations!

Christy S.

We would definitely recommend The Learning Experience to friends and family! Our children started attending TLE about 3 months ago and the transition went much better than we expected. Our children love their teachers and we have complete confidence in the care they are receiving. It seems like we've been there for years rather than just a few months!

Cindy A.

We started at TLE Raleigh 6 months ago with our first child and have been extremely happy with our experience. Our son started in Infant A and has been loved beyond measure by every teacher he has had at TLE. He LOVES coming to school everyday and adores all of his teachers. While touring TLE when I was pregnant what stood out for me was 1. the children acted like they never wanted to leave 2. management knows all the kids and the parents by name. TLE teachers and staff feel like family and we have adored having Ms. Irene, Ms. Alma, Ms. Latonya, and Ms. Janesha be an extension of us from 8-5 everyday. Thank you for spoiling our precious boy!

Danielle O.

Story submitted, thank you!