Meet our TLE® Center team

Ms. Briana


Ms. Briana is currently in school. She loves to run track and field. She brings that into the classroom as she loves to play with the kids on the playground and MBB.

Ms. Ashley


Ms.Ashley graduated from the Performing Arts Academy and is currently attending County College. She loves to sing, read and create a fun environment for her students.

Ms. Nicole


Ms. Nicole is a graduate of Lacey High School. She loves the beach, shopping, going to the movies and cooking. Ms. Nicole loves to celebrate other people's successes especially in her classroom.

Ms. Judy


Ms. Judy graduated from Williamstown High School. She has attended Community College and Salem County College for Art. Ms.Judy loves painting, crafts, kayaking, boating, fishing but especially loves to nurture and care for her students.

Ms. Kelly


Ms. Kelly attended Community College and loves to read. She likes to create a fun environment for the kids to help them grow.

Ms. Arianna


Ms. Arianna graduated from Point Pleasant Boro High School and is currently attending Community College. She loves to hike and being outside playing with the kids.

Ms. Harmony


Ms. Harmony graduated from Kean University and is continuing her studies. She loves reading, baking and helping prepare her students for grade school.

Ms. Rose


Ms. Rose graduated from Ocean County College. She loves to read, skateboard, arts & crafts and dance along with her students.

Ms. Barbara


Ms. Barbara graduated from Community College. She loves Pinterest, reading and the beach. Ms. Barbara's goals for her classrooms are to help children use kind words, helping hands and caring hearts.

Ms. Dena


Ms. Dena graduated from Rowan University. She likes the beach, being outside and chocolate. Ms. Dena loves to see a child's 'light bulb' turn on when they master a skill or learn something new.

Ms. Coral

Business Manager

Ms. Coral attended Georgian Court College. She likes to go to the beach and do crafts. Coral always strives to bring out the best in every child she works with.

Ms. Natty


Ms. Natty graduated college in Puerto Rico. She loves doing arts & crafts and wants to help the students learn good manners.

Ms. Rebecca


Ms. Rebecca has an Associates degree from Burlington County College. She loves to read and write and wants to make sure her children are always cared for the best way possible.

Ms. Kimberly


Kimberly is originally from Peru. She loves to read and loves to dance around the classroom with the children.

Ms. Victoria


Ms. Victoria graduated from Toms River East. She loves to bake and wants to give each child the best school experience possible - she wants every child to wake up in the morning excited to come to school.

Ms. Kendall


Ms. Kendall graduated from Central Regional High School. She loves to spend time with friends and spend time reading to the students.