Meet our TLE® Center team

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Ms. Georgina

Infant Teacher


Favorite TLE® Character:
Penny Polite

Ms. Georgina has been caring for Infants for over 15 years. She has earned her CDA with specialization in Infant and Toddler care. Georgina is always taking classes to update her early childhood skills and learn new ways to guide her in caring for our babies. Georgina likes to focus on the children reaching their developmental milestones while making sure they are happy and well cared for.

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Ms. Carolina

Toddler Teacher


Favorite TLE® Character:
Grace Charity

Ms. Carolina comes to our school after living in California. Her easy going way of life is so refreshing for our Toddlers. She has been our Toddler teacher since 2018 and loves this age group!

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Ms. Nicole

Preschool Teacher


Favorite TLE® Character:
Flexi Flamingo

Ms. Nicole has been working with preschoolers for five years. Nicole has her bachelor's degree from SUNY Old Westbury. Nicole loves dancing and is an assistant dance teacher in her spare time.

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Ms. Maryann

Preschool Assistant Teacher


Favorite TLE® Character:
Phoebe Phonics

Ms. Maryann has been with our school since we opened in 2010! She has worked with all of our four year old classes as the assistant teacher and is responsible for the beautiful artwork you see in our windows when you pull into our school. Ms. Maryann is a big part of helping us put our graduation celebration together each year!