Meet our TLE® Center team

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Dawn Willie


My name is Dawn Willie and I am thrilled to be the director of The Learning Experience in Northport. I have loved being able to start with TLE Northport from the very beginning My days here are so rewarding and ever changing- I am fortunate that I can spend time playing with toddlers, reading with Pre-K, participating in circle time with preschoolers or holding and feeding our infants. The time I spend with the children is the best part of my days at TLE. In the past few years I have been able to see children who started as infants graduate, go to Kindergarten and come back to visit us with siblings. It has been an amazing journey with the children in the center. I find it a blessing and a privilege to spend my days with your children. I am happily married to my husband Ray and we have three amazing daughters Cassandra, Madeline, & Raina.

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Stacey Tuckman

Business Manager

My name is Stacey Tuckman and I love being the Business Manager at TLE! The families have made me feel at home and the children are most rewarding. I love sitting in with the Toddlers to read a book or being invited to a Preschool dance party. There is nothing about my job that is boring and I would not change it for the world! One of the most rewarding perks of my job is my 4 year old daughter, Bethany comes to work with me everyday. My husband, Jeff and I can see the magic this school offers through her eyes. She loves TLE just as much as I do!