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Meet our TLE® Center team


Zakia Moosavi

Center Director

I am Zakia Moosavi,I grew up in a land that is famous for exporting the most number of Doctors, Engineers & IT intellectuals, called INDIA. I grew up with 2 sisters in a home where Education, Respect, Discipline, Manners were the key words taught on daily basis. Life was simple. Vast backyards and fields bore witness to keywords mentioned above. I came out of my time as an Educationist with a better understanding of how children are to be cared and helped without sounding bossy and controlling.I learned a lot from my experience as a teacher than decided to step in the shoes of a Center Director,and have been successfully playing this role with pride for 20 years.I would describe myself as easy going, good listener, a wordplay ninja and above all a patient person around kids.I still consider myself a student“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but illusion of knowledge"


Kulsoom Zaidi

Business Manager

When I moved to Houston from Toronto 8 years ago, I started a career within Corporate America immediately. While I loved my job, I constantly found myself wanting to help people on a more personal level. In 2016, I was fortunate to learn about TLE and its amazing curriculum through my husband’s family, who've been in child care for almost 30 years. Coupled with the knowledge I gained through their experience and wanting that human connection, I found myself intrigued about the “TLE way”. TLE truly cares and takes into account what parents want for their children, as well as what the children themselves want. Not only do I have that special connection(with little and big humans 😉)I’ve been looking for, I now have a path to make a difference in people’s lives. In today’s demanding day-to-day routine my ultimate goal is to give families a worry-free, happy, and worthwhile experience. <3