Meet Our Childcare Team | The Learning Experience

Meet our TLE® Center team

Ivy Mendez


Ms. Ivy is our support teacher and floater who is able to help in all our classroom!

Rosa Torres


Ms. Rosa is our support/floater teacher who is able to help in all our classrooms!


Jenn Chavez

Infant Teacher

Education: B.A. in Child Development and seeking Masters in clinical mental health certification in child life. Hobbies: Reading, swimming, and painting. Where I am from: Whittier, CA. Classroom Goals: To create a safe, welcoming, and fun environment.


Alejandra Sarmiento

Infant Teacher

Education: Child Development Certificate Hobbies: Reading books! Where I am from: Peru Classroom Goals: To help kids grow and flourish.


Maribel Mendez

Cook/Floater Teacher

Education: OVHS Hobbies: Camping, listening to music, spending time with family, road-tripping, girl scout troop leader, volunteering in my community and at my children's school. Where I am from: Passaic, New Jersey Classroom Goals: Getting to know students and families, provide quality care, and provide healthy and nutritious meals they can enjoy.

Kim Kikkawa

Toddler Teacher

Kim is working alongside Ms. Lorena and Ms. Tina in our Toddler A classroom!


Cyrene Rivera

Toddler Teacher

Education: B.S. in Child Development Hobbies: Hiking Where I am from: Philippines Classroom Goals: To provide a safe and fun environment.


Lorena Rayo

Toddler Teacher

Education: Early Childhood Education Hobbies: Beach walks, photography, collecting seashells Where I am from: Santa Ana, CA Classroom Goals: For the children to learn and have fun every day.


Nikki Lorenzo

Toddler Teacher

Education: B.A. in Human Development and Child Development Hobbies: Anything fitness related, hiking, beach, weekend brunch getaways, arts and crafts. Where I am from: Lakewood, CA Classroom Goals: To create a home away from home environment where the children feel safe and loved.


Carmen Lopez

Toddler Teacher

Education: B.A. in Child Development and Family Studies Hobbies: Coloring, binge watching Netflix shows, and building puzzles. Where I am from: Huntington Beach, CA Classroom Goals: To provide proper and adequate care but also make children's experience as fun and enriching as possible by allowing them to participate in different activities that encourage positive development.

Marsil Soliman

Twaddler Teacher

Ms. Marsil is currently working in our Twaddler's classroom with our Two year olds!


Melisa Quintanilla

Twaddler Teacher

Education: B.A. in Sociology Hobbies: Roller skating and trying new foods. Where I am from: Born in U.S. but parents are from El Salvador Classroom Goals: Make kiddos feel safe with me, hoping they will find trust in me and help with their development and learning.


Tina Briceno

Twaddler Teacher

Education: Early Childhood Education Hobbies: Walking and reading. Where I am from: Inglewood, CA Classroom Goals: To work together as a team and give unconditional love to our children.

Melissa Medina

Preppers Teacher

Ms. Melissa is working alongside Ms. Felicia in our Prepper's B classroom!

Mariyah Paredes

Preppers Teacher

Ms. Mariyah is working alongside Ms. Shelby in our Prepper's A classroom!

Shelby Ham

Preppers Teacher

Ms. Shelby is working alongside Ms. Mariyah is our Prepper's B classroom!


Felicia Lord

Prepper Teacher

Education: Bachelor of Science and Psychology. Hobbies: Reading, gardening, dancing, and playing video games Where I am from: Massachusetts Classroom Goals: To provide an environment where my students can comfortable explore the world, make friends, and discover themselves.


Jen Maldonado

Prepper Teacher

Education: Early Childhood Education Hobbies: Hiking, beach walks, eating out and trying new foods, dancing. Where I am from: Huntington Beach, CA Classroom Goals: Create a connection with each child, support each child's needs, make early education fun and exciting for children.

Lauren Zepeda


Ms. Lauren is our support/floater teacher who is able to help in our Preschool classrooms!

Emy Paz

Preschool 1 Teacher

Ms. Emy works as our Preschool 1 teacher with Mr. Jorge!


Sherry Teuk

Preschool Teacher

Education: A.A. in Child Development Hobbies: Gardening Where I am from: Cambodia Classroom Goals: Provide young children with numerous opportunities throughout the day to participate in activities of their own choosing and to finish the activities in their own way.


Jorge Enriquez

Floater Teacher

Education: B.A. Environmental Science, Minor in Education Hobbies: Watching sunsets/going for walks, reading new Environmental Justice books, and learning new things. Where I am from: El Monte, CA Classroom Goals: To create ample opportunities for children to explore their own curiosity in order to foster new knowledge.