Meet our TLE® Center team

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Joanna Siegel

Center Director

My journey in early childhood education started almost 20 years ago when I made a drastic career change from working in the film industry in Los Angeles to becoming a 2 year old teacher in a small preschool in Pacific Palisades, California...and I have never looked back. After 5 years of being a teacher, I became the Director and have since run 3 different schools in California. When a possibility of moving to Illinois became a reality last year, I was thrilled to find a home at TLE Lake Zurich. I am excited at the growth of our center, and with every new family joined and new teacher hired, we are continuing to create an environment that instills a lifelong love of learning in all children, and a home away from home for our families. My move from California was a big adjustment, but what I have found in life is that home really is where the heart is, and my heart is right here at TLE.