Meet our TLE® Center team

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Ms. Lauren

Infant Teacher

Ms. Lauren joined the TLE family in January 2020. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in 2017 from the University of St. Francis.

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Ms. Morgan

Toddler Teacher

Our Toddler Teacher, Ms. Morgan, joined the TLE family in January 2020. Ms. Morgan attended College of DuPage and DePaul University and has a 10-year old daughter who also attends TLE.

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Ms. Sunita


Ms. Sunita joined the TLE family in August 2019. She has a Bachelor of Arts, and studied Early Childhood Education at Waubonsee Community College.

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Ms. Diana

Twaddler Teacher

Ms. Diana joined TLE in February 2018. She completed her Early Childhood Education coursework at Waubonsee Community College.

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Ms. Mandy


Ms. Mandy helps in all classrooms. She joined the TLE family in September 2018 and has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She also has a 4-year old daughter who attends TLE!

Mr. Nemo


Mr. Nemo joined TLE in August 2020 and has an Associate's Degree in Teaching from Harper College.

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Ms. Esperanza

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Esperanza joined team TLE in November 2017. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education - Child and Family Studies from Rasmussen College.

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Ms. Ashlee


Ashlee joins us from sunny California! She holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and has been teaching for the past six years.

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Ms. Shaniqua

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Shaniqua has been with TLE since January 2019. She has an Associates Degree in Communications and is a mom to two little boys.