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How to Teach Children About Community Helpers

As parents, we try to prepare our children for any possible situation they may find themselves in, such as what to do if they get lost or see someone get hurt. For children to be prepared for emergency situations, they must first understand the concept of community helpers and know how to recognize those charged with serving and protecting their fellow citizens.
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How to Raise Kind & Compassionate Children

As a parent, you know the excitement of imagining your child growing up to become a successful doctor, a movie star, or even the next president! While those are all fun things to imagine, what most parents really want is for their children to become caring, kind, and empathetic, regardless of profession.
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How to Help Your Child’s First Friendships Flourish

Good friends help make our lives more enjoyable and full of love and caring. Friends are there to celebrate the joyful times, to give support during sad times, and share one another’s experiences throughout life. According to psychiatrist Dr. Saul Levine, “A key finding from a major study of adults’ lives was that those who had close, long-term friends fared better than those who were less social. Close friendships enhanced moods and functioning as well as emotional and physical health.”
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Preparing Your Family for Preschool

Did you know that as much as 90% of our brain's growth occurs between birth and age five? We experience more brain growth during these early years than we do for the rest of our lives! While the importance of providing children with quality education and learning experiences during these early years may seem obvious, a recent study by the Kellogg Foundation found that roughly one in three children aren't mentally prepared to learn when they start kindergarten mostly due to a lack of early education and developmental services.
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The Learning Experience’s Summer Reading Guide

During the summer months, parents often find themselves looking for new and creative ways to entertain their children, often without much luck. In these moments of frustration, it’s easy to forget that you have easy access to a whole galaxy of new and exciting adventures for your children: all you need to do is open the pages of a new book. To get you prepared you for a summer’s worth of reading, our Curriculum Department has put together a list of age-appropriate books for children with ages ranging from infants to second graders.