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Upcoming Events

  • Jul

    Parents Day

    A day dedicated to show appreciation to the great parents out there. Especially the ones you call mom and dad.

  • Jul

    Ron the Singing Cowboy Visit

    Grab your cowboy hat and gallop to Ron's old western tunes!

  • Jul

    Science Fair

    Our children put on their thinking caps to create a science project display for all to see!

  • Jul

    Kona Ice

    Our favorite tropical shaved iced truck is coming around to keep the children nice and cool in the summer heat!

  • Aug

    International Youth Day

    An opportunity for every country to assess their investment in and commitment to youth, as well as general education.

  • Aug

    Tell a Joke Day

    Let your little one give you a giggle and challenge them to tell you a joke in celebration of this jovial day.

  • Sep

    Literacy Day

    Celebrate the importance and value of literary education.

  • Sep

    World Gratitude Day

    The celebration of Gratitude Day allows both individuals and organizations within wider society to celebrate the broad meaning of gratitude in a variety of ways.

  • Oct

    World Teachers Day

    Celebrate the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels.

  • Oct

    Make a Difference Day

    The largest national day of community service.

  • Nov

    World Kindness Day

    A day dedicated philanthropy and celebrating those who are involved in charity work.

  • Nov

    Philanthropy Day

    A holiday all about the little gestures of kindness. Take some time out to show someone a little kindness to celebrate.

  • Dec

    Giving Tuesday

    Giving Tuesday was created to help the giving season get started.

  • Dec

    Make a Gift Day

    Take part in Make A Gift Day by hand-making something for someone in your life.

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Early childhood is a time of remarkable brain development. The education that children receive during these years creates the foundation for their future growth, development and learning potential.

At The Learning Experience®, we are dedicated to cultivating creative, compassionate and innovative young minds through our proprietary curriculum and enrichment programs that increase learning during six critical stages of early development. Our programs have been built to help children maximize their cognitive, physical and social potential. Or as we say at TLE®, we help children "learn, play and grow!"

We believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn, that's why our educational programs are designed to inspire children's love of learning through hands-on lessons that make their educational experience fun! Daily lessons promote positive engagement throughout the day and include phonics, sign language, manners and etiquette, philanthropy, foreign language and hands-on technology. Enrichment programs such as yoga, soccer, drama, dance and music are also offered at no additional cost.

Whether you have an inquisitive infant, tenacious toddler or passionate preschooler, put your child on the path to success and discover how we help children reach their full potential at The Learning Experience®!

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A Ticket to Travel

A Ticket to Travel

This theme will highlight the key concepts of traveling. Children will gain valuable understanding of packing, planning, and proper documentation required for successful travel. The children will pack their bags as they visit a variety of popular destinations and discuss modes of transportation commonly used for travel.

Time Periods

Time Periods

This theme will enable opportunities to learn about different times in history, including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, and medieval times. Throughout the month, the children will draw medieval attire as well as work as a class to build a pyramid.

Read to Me

Read to Me

This theme is back by popular demand! The Learning Experience® has a strong outlook on early literacy, and this topic reinforces this belief. The month kicks off with Read Across America Day and the celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. The children will enjoy learning about a variety of authors and many different story genres!

Plants, Gardens, and Bugs, Oh My!

Plants, Gardens, and Bugs, Oh My!

This theme will be sure to have your skin crawling. The children will be discussing life cycles of plants and the benefits to the earth of planting gardens. Meanwhile, as they look at bugs via their magnifying glasses, they will learn how these little creatures aid and benefit plants and gardens alike.

We Are All Special

We Are All Special

The children will have the opportunity to learn how we are the same and different. Additional topics include “Families,” “What Makes Us Special,” and “Peacemakers.” You will be invited to take part as this monthly theme will have a special emphasis on doing good and philanthropy.

Once Upon a Time at TLE®

Camp TLE®

Who says learning has to end during the summer months? At The Learning Experience® (TLE®), all children can stay engaged in hands-on learning activities throughout the summer. Things you can expect from a summer full of memories at TLE®:

  • Weekly themes
  • Exciting visits from entertainers such as the "Reptile Guy" and "Peas and Carrots Musical Group"
  • Awesome Art Projects
  • Outdoor Sports and Activities
  • Water Play Days
  • An Educational Curriculum
  • New Friends
  • Summer T-shirts and Backpacks
  • Fun in the Sun, and Much More!

*Centers may provide off-site field trips for children four years and older. Summer programs may vary by location.

Once Upon a Time at TLE®

Once Upon a Time at TLE®

One of the things we hear most in the curriculum department is about how much the original TLE® themes are loved. During this month of curriculum, the children will revisit some of the most popular previously written themes, which include “Dinosaurs,” “Fairy Tales,” “Space,” and “Under the Sea!”

In Our Neighborhoods

In Our Neighborhoods

This theme is an excellent introduction for the children to learn about their centers, communities, and, on a larger scale, their states. As they learn about their local communities, they will also have the opportunity to discover job roles and discuss what they imagine themselves being when they grow up.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

During this month, learning will focus around the importance of eating healthy. Special attention will be given to including physical hygiene as a part of a daily routine. Physical health and safety practices will also be a part of the exploration this month.



Children will have fun opportunities to uncover ideas, including “Down on the Farm,” “The Animals,” “Growing Food and the Tools Used,” and, finally, “Farm to Table” where the children will sample farm fresh foods.

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

Everyone will be amazed with this theme! Children will investigate the earth, wind, and water through hands-on activities and scientific explorations. They will be making their own tornado tubes and glaciers and discussing the cause and effect of such forces.

Infant (6 weeks to 1 year old)

Infant (6 weeks to 1 year old)

• Infants are exposed to explorative play, sensory stimulation, music and sign language to promote healthy growth and development.
• Sanitary systems are designed to protect your baby's health and include a 14-step diaper changing procedure and daily sanitation of toys, gliders, cribs and changing stations.
• Nap and feeding times follow your baby's individual schedule.
• Private crib and cubby are available for your baby's personal items.
• Nursing stations are in the classrooms for visiting mothers.

Toddler (1 to 2 years old)

Toddler (1 to 2 years old)

• Interactive play, music, and dance are incorporated into daily lessons to support your toddler's cognitive and social development.
• Stimulating art projects and sensory activities help develop your toddler's motor skills.
• Outdoor time encourages social engagement and playtime.
• Age-appropriate physical fitness activities keep curious toddlers on the move.
• Self-help skills such as washing hands, picking up and sharing are taught in order to foster social assimilation.

Twaddler (2 to 2.5 years old)

Twaddler (2 to 2.5 years old)

• Twaddlers are introduced to phonics, physical fitness and our Manners Matters® program.
• Introduction to circle time increases social participation and communication skills.
• Daily reports allow you to monitor your child's progress and daily activities.
• Potty training is introduced by our trained and nurturing staff to help reinforce potty training habits taught at home.

Prepper (2.5 to 3 years old)

Prepper (2.5 to 3 years old)

• Preppers are introduced to early writing and object recognition skills to help them prepare for preschool.
• Comprehensive daily lessons include music, movement, art and science to promote intellectual, social and physical development.
• Computers and technology are introduced to help prepare children for the world around them.
• Potty training habits are reinforced to allow for an easy transition into preschool.

Preschool (3 to 5 years old)

Preschool (3 to 5 years old)

• Our advanced proprietary curriculum in the Preschool classroom focuses on math, science, technology, the arts and shared and independent play.
• Early literacy and kindergarten readiness are promoted through our Fun with Phonics® program.
• Preschoolers are introduced to new cultures and languages through our foreign language programs that include Spanish and Mandarin-Chinese.
• Philanthropy lessons teach preschoolers the values of selflessness and giving.
• Learning takes place through socio-dramatic play and curriculum extensions taught in our Make Believe Boulevard®.

Kindergarten (5 years old)

Kindergarten (5 years old)

• Our full-day Kindergarten program is taught by state certified teachers that plan their lessons in accordance with state standards.
• Fun with Phonics Phase II, an early literacy program, teaches kindergarteners to blend more complex letters and sounds to form words
• Interactive programs encourage kindergarteners to explore the world around them through art, music, physical fitness, science and dance.
• Smaller group sizes allow for more individualized attention.

Before & After School (Elementary School Age Children)

Before & After School (Elementary School Age Children)

• Homework help and tutoring is offered to support continued success and academic development.
• Transportation to and from local elementary schools is offered at participating locations.
• Age-appropriate recreational activities keep children active and engaged and include art, science projects and physical fitness lessons. • Care is offered during school closings and holidays.
• Nutritious snacks are included in the cost of tuition.

The Work and Family Experience

TLE’s® Work and Family Experience® is an employer sponsored child care benefit program that is a way for working families to receive a corporate discount at The Learning Experience® Academies of Early Education.

Our Work & Family Experience® partners with hundred corporations across the country. To see if your company is a part of our Work and Family Experience® and find out additional information on the program click here.