Sept. 2021 - Happy Happenings - Let's Be Friends - The Learning Experience

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September 2021

Classroom Curriculum Calendars

Download your little learner’s classroom calendar to learn more about the age-specific curriculum activities taking place each month!

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Welcome to the new school year! Our "Let's Be Friends" September curriculum theme is encouraging our little learners to embrace their individuality, make new friends, share about their family and culture, and explore the community they reside in.

Weekly Themes

Character Spotlight

Bubbles the Elephant, the beloved mascot of The Learning Experience, is so excited to welcome our little learners to school. Throughout the month, your child will be introduced to a plethora of characters that will help them learn all about friendship, empathy, and what it means to be unique.

Manners Focus


Penny Polite is teaching how to be a good friend through sharing, listening and acceptance of others.

Philanthropy Focus


Grace Greyhound and Charity Chihuahua is introducing various ways to show kindness to others.

Physical Fitness Focus


It's time to learn new stretches with Flexi Flamingo to strengthen our flexibility and balance.

Sign Language

Family Connections

Facilitate a discussion with your child about acceptance as you talk about what makes your family members unique. This is a great opportunity to highlight how our differences make us special. Take a moment to ask your child what makes them special.